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Get Money Back if You Don't Hit 105% of Your APH

Jul 15, 2020

Aerial Spraying Corn

Fungicide Warranty Program

There is tremendous uncertainty in the response of fungicide applications.

Applying fungicide to your corn acres is a big investment and the results from the Answer Plot® program showed an average of 5.6 to 40.4-bushel-per-acre yield response, depending on the hybrid. At $3 corn, this is a $104 range of outcomes.

At the top end of this range, you’re making out like a bandit, but at the bottom end, you’re not even covering your cost of application. In the past, you would have no option, but to shoulder all this risk.

Based on 2019 Answer Plot® data

Impact Rx™ provides a warranty for your crop’s performance.

Answer Plot® data shows that the three biggest variables to a successful fungicide application are:

  1. Treating the hybrids that have the greatest chance of response (learn more)
  2. Using a premium fungicide product with more than 2 modes of action (we stand behind Miravis Neo and here's why)
  3. Using Masterlock to ensure proper coverage and deposition

Impact Rx is a service that builds a fungicide plan around those three variables with a $10/Acre performance warranty if yields fall below a target yield level (you pick either 100% or 105%).

Use the form below to contact an agronomist to sign up for the program and to schedule your fungicide application.

Not ready to talk to an agronomist?

Get more information on the warranty program including prerequisites, fees, and the prescription service and performance warranty.


David Fiene

Vice President, Business Development



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