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April Energy News

Apr 02, 2021

Propane Tank

April 2021

I called it on my last newsletter. Spring is officially here. Every spring it sure feels good to go outside and feel a warm breeze, doesn’t it? The birds, including the snow birds, are heading back north after their annual migration. I’ve noticed a kestrel flying around my buildings. I’m hoping it’s the female that has come back the last couple of years and nested in my icehouse. They’re great mousers. 

A lot has happened since last month. Propane prices really popped during the cold snap and are slowly coming back down. At the moment there is a ship wedged in the Suez Canal that has got the canal plugged tight. Perhaps by the time you read this the large cork will have popped and crude prices will be coming down. 
Since it’s now April, you’ll need to start thinking about contracting your propane for next winter. We will be sending contracts out in June as usual. If you’re given the opportunity to lock in your propane price, don’t even think about it. Just do it. It really paid off last winter again. 

Our farmer customers will start hitting the fields soon. Don’t forget that we sell high quality Cenex lubricants and we have what I feel is the best premium diesel fuel on the market today. Compared to typical untreated #2 diesel fuel, Ruby Fieldmaster reduces downtime and costly repairs, restores fuel economy by as much as 5% and restores power up to 4.5%. It also boosts lubricity by 10 to 15%, extends the life of injectors and injector pumps and provides quicker, more efficient starts with a higher cetane number (typically 47-49). In addition, you can count on it to reduce maintenance costs and clean up and prevent injector fouling. For more information go to They’ve got some great videos to explain all of these benefits. 

The water heater rebate program still has money remaining. Get $200 for installing a propane water heater. Call your local Premier Energy office to learn more. And be sure to write the down the manufacturer name and serial number of the old water heater before you junk it. They need to be included on the water heater rebate form. 

I passed another milestone a few weeks back. I went over $9000 in fuel savings on my F150 by using propane autogas. If you think your school district, city, or business would like to save money on their fuel costs, give me a call. I love talking about it. It’s a great motor fuel. We added a crane truck and a service truck to our fleet over the last month that run on propane. Like my personal pickup, there is a conversion kit installed in them so they can run on propane Autogas or gasoline. The cost to convert a vehicle is about $6000 but there are incentive rebates of $4500 available at the moment. We have propane autogas dispensers in Lancaster, Mt. Horeb, Dodgeville and Bloomington. 

The last thing I’d like to talk about is monitoring propane tanks. We are slowly but surely placing monitors on our propane tanks. These monitors send out a very brief signal once per day letting us know how much propane is left in the tank. It’s a much better system than the degree day program that we have also been using. This gives us real time data instead of a SWAG. That’s a Scientific Wild A__ed Guess. (This is a family show so you’re going to have to figure out what the A stands for.) With a degree day program, we couldn’t tell if our customers went to Florida for the week or moved their kids back into the house, drastically changing their energy consumption patterns. Monitors will cut down on the number of deliveries our trucks are making and reduce the number of runouts. It will save wear and tear on our drivers, our trucks and our roads. 

Thank you for the business and you’ll hear from me next month.

Tim Lease

Division Manager

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