August Agronomy Update

Aug 02, 2019

August, for a good share of our growers, is not considered a month that relates to planting crops. Yet for others, it is very much on their minds. For those that want to get alfalfa established for next year this  month can be an ideal time. 
Typically, alfalfa seeding needs to be done by the end of August for most of our trade territory. As a rule of thumb, successful results are achieved when alfalfa is seeded 6-8 weeks before the average first killing frost in our area.  Seeding too late will not give the plants enough time to develop adequate root and top growth before winter. After September 1st, your chances of successfully establishing alfalfa are very low. 

If planting alfalfa is not on your mind you might find you are thinking of getting a cover crop or emergency forage planted. Unlike most years, there are acres that did not get planted this spring and are now dry enough to help replenish depleted feed inventories. 
August is also an important month for our staff in the Agronomy Department to get our fall rye and winter wheat orders placed to ensure that we can secure the preferred varieties we feel are best suited for our trade territory. Each year we seem challenged to get this done in a timely manner, so please, if you have any interest in planting winter rye or winter wheat give your Agronomist or local Agronomy Center a call.  
Finally, please remember to reach out to your Agronomist for those planting tips and best management practices to maximize the acres you choose to plant this fall. 
Thank you and we look forward to providing  your needs.

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