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Aug 19, 2020

Corn Harvest

Secure by Winfield United

Farming is a capital-intensive endeavor.

Often with our financial decisions the question isn’t so much about “Can I invest in/purchase X to improve my operation?”, the question is “If I invest in/purchase X to improve my operation, can I also invest in/purchase Y and Z?”

X, Y, and Z could be different options based on your personal situation. For an expanding operation, it could be a new piece of equipment (or land) to increase your throughput or bring down your cost per acre. For an established operation, it could be building up your soil’s P & K levels to take production to the next level. For a shrewd investor, it could be extracting cash from the operation and diversifying into other businesses or the stock market (for passive income). More than likely, you are considering some combination of all three options.

Crop year 2021 begins on September 1st.

Secure by Winfield United will start accepting loan applications and renewals for the 2021 crop year on September 1st. The 2021 program will have two interest rate tiers, 0% for A-scoring loans and 2% for B-scoring loans. Using Secure by Winfield United financing, you can have low-interest funds available to start placing early orders and prepayments for seed in order to get the best pricing. 

Use Secure by Winfield United to finance your late-summer seeded alfalfa and don't pay until February 2022

With the program opening up on 9/1/20 -- and the instant approval process for all loans under $500,000 -- you can use your 2021 Secure by Winfield United loan to pay for late-summer seeded alfalfa you are purchasing this month (August) and you won't have to payoff the loan until February 2022. Just charge the seed to your open account and sign up using the form below to receive your loan application on September 1st.

On a per bag basis, at $400/bag and assuming your alternative is financing with your bank at 5% interest, you’re saving $28.43/bag financing this purchase with Secure by Winfield United.

Complete the form below and I'll put you on our list to receive the loan application, product exclusion list, and the program summary on September 1st.

David Fiene

Vice President, Business Development


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