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Jun 01, 2022

June Dairy Month

June Update

A couple of weeks ago we began handing out our annual cash patronage and equity redemption checks as we made a return to hosting open house events. The La Farge service center, followed by Westby Ace Hardware, were the first to welcome members back in person after taking a couple of years off due to the pandemic. By the time this update is printed we will have also wrapped up an event at the Mt Horeb Do it Best and C-store. Together they combined to return cash as well as kick off June Dairy Month with milk, fresh cheese curds, brats, and ice cream sundaes. It was great to get back to returning checks in person. For some, the checks they received this year represent the eligible equity they had accumulated in one of the former cooperatives that became part of Premier over the years. In some cases, they are quite surprised to receive the old eligible equity, and even more surprised by the amounts. Over the next several weeks we will be mailing checks to those that were unable to make it to one of our open houses. This year we are proud to be returning $4m in cash to our members.

If you missed one of the open houses, I would recommend that you make a trip to one of our outstanding retail stores and check out what your cooperative has to offer. Westby Ace is boasting a nice selection of Husqvarna riding and push mowers, battery powered lawn and garden equipment, and many options for grilling including Weber, BlackStone, and Traeger. For the Mt Horeb Do it Best, a freshly stocked greenhouse decorates the front lot along with standard supplies like bulk mulch and decorative stone, dozens of varieties of soil and more. This year the Do it Best brought in a selection of patio furniture to accompany their typical seasonal offerings. If you haven’t visited one of the stores recently, I invite you to stop by and shop the stores that you own as a member of Premier Cooperative.

In June we will be sending out our propane contracts and safety mailings for the coming heating season. With the volatility surrounding the global energy markets, and contracts prices up from last year, be sure to choose from one of the many contracting options we offer to lock in your supply and prices for the upcoming year. As Tim writes about each year, the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you won’t have unexpected price spike next winter is well worth the few minutes it will take to complete and return a contract. If you do not purchase propane from us, or do not receive a contract by the end of June, please give your nearest energy office a call and our staff will take care of you. If you receive a packet in the mail, please be sure to open the safety information and share it with your entire family. Thank you for supporting our energy team and for helping your cooperative become one of the leading propane suppliers in the United States.   

After two favorable years in a row for spring planting, this year reminded us that we live in the Midwest. As the saying goes, if you don’t like the weather today, just wait until tomorrow. A cold wet April put a little delay on this year’s planting, but a quick turn with early May temperatures reaching the 90’s allowed this year’s crop to go in at what seemed like a record pace. I’m very proud of the way our agronomy division was prepared and once again stepped up to the challenge to serve our members in such a compressed time frame. 

Have a wonderful Father’s Day and June Dairy Month. If you have a graduate in the house this year, congratulations. Of course, if you have a graduate that also means you likely have a stack of party invites from their classmates and other family members to help you fill the early summer weekends. Whatever your plans are to celebrate Father’s Day or graduations, I hope you have a great month that includes consuming as much dairy, meat, eggs and local vegetables as you can to support our hardworking farmers.   

Matt Severson


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