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Aug 03, 2021

River Rumble Tractor Pull

August Update

A few weeks ago, I was able to share some exciting news with our employee team about new opportunities for our agronomy division in southeastern Grant County. For those not familiar with our locations, a few miles south of Platteville, WI sits our Platteville agronomy center. Approximately 10 miles south of that is our Hazel Green location. Over the past several years both locations have seen steady growth and increased profitability. At the same time, both locations have been operating facilities that are near their useful life and have limited opportunities for expansion under their current footprint. With support from the board of directors, management, and staff in the area, we were able to identify property available to purchase between the two plants just south of Cuba City that will be the future home to a combined modern facility that will serve the staff and members in the area.

While working on this project, we were also presented with the opportunity to acquire an existing agronomy and grain facility located in Hazel Green. Expected to be completed by the end of August, Premier will be purchasing this facility from Innovative Ag Service and bringing it into our existing operations in southeastern Grant County. The addition of this facility will help bring immediate relief to the area with expanded storage and service capabilities, while also helping bridge the gap until the completion of our new agronomy center. 

In other news at your company, we are currently in the process of a large expansion project at our Mineral Point feed manufacturing facility. The first phase of the project has been primarily around expanding the capabilities to receive outside ingredients while also receiving corn from the attached grain plant. The process will increase the speed and improve the quality of the grain and other raw materials delivered into feed production. Future phases include expanded warehousing and dedicated calf feed manufacturing capabilities. Over at our Lancaster Ag Center, work continues with our general contractor, engineers, and city planners for the construction of our new dry fertilizer facility. Expected to break ground by this fall, once the new facility is complete the old one will be removed. At that point we hope to move onto the next phase for the location with a new office and more. 

To me, the projects and plans above are not about an investment in property and facilities, but all about an investment in our employee team and members for today and into the future. Our past success has allowed us the opportunity to grow and build for the future. I look forward to sharing the progress with all of you as we move ahead. 

On July 30th we were glad to bring back the annual Premier River Rumble tractor pull to Mazomanie WI. After missing last year due to Covid, over 2500 screaming fans packed the stands of Lions Park for the 10th annual event. Thank you to our amazing employee team, volunteer groups, and sponsors for making this another successful event. 


L to R: Premier Employee Jim Barman, Marti Smith, Super Farm Winner Brian Barman, Agronomist Dan Durst, and CEO Matt Severson

With only two months left in our fiscal year, I’d like to thank all of you again for your support. We have a great group of highly trained and dedicated staff to help you in all areas of our company. Our board of directors work hard to provide the vision and tools our team needs to serve you. We will continue to strive to exceed your expectations and we appreciate your feedback in helping us stay ahead of your needs. We will continue to look for new ways to add efficiencies to what we are currently doing and will continue to explore ventures, partnerships and other growth opportunities that can enhance our value to you. As with anything that is constantly moving and adapting, we will run into bumps along the way, but if we all work together (board, employees, and owners/members) we will continue to build the company you will be proud to be owners of and our employees will be proud to be a part of.

Have a great month.  

Matt Severson


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