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The Top 5 Reasons Major Bus Companies Implemented AutoGas

Feb 25, 2021

Bus Admin

Propane AutoGas

Propane Autogas has many different benefits. Here are the top 5 reasons why major bus companies are switching to Propane AutoGas.


    1. By switching from diesel to propane, companies were able to realize savings in the tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, propane markets are less volatile so you can lock in a price for the next 1-2 years and better manage cash flow. In the business of bussing, every dollar counts.


    1. Based on customer provided data, converting to Propane Autogas pays for itself in 10-14 months.


    1. Propane burns cleaner and leaves less particulate matter in the system, leading to less time in the shop and more miles on the road.


    1. Engine gumming is the last thing cold drivers want to deal with. Propane starts up right - no matter what Mother Nature throws at us.


    1. Companies going green is a good look for business and for the environment. The combustion of Propane Autogas leads to a 30% reduction in emissions over diesel.

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Addison Arndt

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