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Forward Contracting

Jan 25, 2021

Grain Bin

Think ahead.

In the past few months, we have seen rising corn and soybean prices due to reductions in crop size and tightening carryout numbers.

This has presented us with selling opportunities that we have not seen in 5-7 years. As we focus on marketing the 2020 crop, we would encourage you to also look at the 2021 crop. Using your own farm’s projected costs and historic/projected yield information, there may be profitable opportunities to forward contract a portion of your expected crop.

The first step in this is calculating costs, which can be helped by a simple Excel spreadsheet template that Premier can send you to customize for yourself. While we are not certain what prices will do going forward, if it makes sense for your operation to start forward contracting, we are happy to assist.

Use the form below or call 608.308.4889 to contact Jory Bossuyt at our Westby location for more information!


Jory Bossuyt

Grain Lead & Merchandising

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