January Energy News

Jan 02, 2022

Snowy Propane Tank

January 2022.

Happy New Year, everybody! I was going to quit all of my old bad habits but then I remembered that nobody likes a quitter. Growing older is mandatory, growing up is optional. 

January weather can be a brutal. If you call in for your propane or enter your order on our website, please be sure to place your order when your tank reaches 30%. At 30% most customers have a couple  weeks of supply left in the tank. We require that you give us 3 business days to deliver your propane if you are a will call customer. For example, if you call on a Thursday, you may not receive your delivery until Tuesday without a service charge. Our routes are planned days in advance so any deviations increase our expenses. If you want to become a route customer, call your local Premier Energy office. We have monitors available to take the guesswork out of figuring how much propane is in your tank.  

Speaking of monitors, if you are a route customer you may have noticed that we put a little white thingy on the tank and it’s hooked to the gauge. We have been using monitors for years on many of our tanks. Our monitors use cell phone technology (not wifi) to send a signal in a fraction of a second once per day that is routed to our offices. It gives us real time readings of propane tanks. There are two chips in the monitors so that if they can’t send a signal to one cell provider they will choose the other, giving us much better coverage than we could achieve in the past. It’s much more accurate than our computerized degree day program. They have been a real game changer for our delivery personnel. 

The Wisconsin Propane Education and Research Council is still offering $200 rebates for new construction or replacement propane water heaters. Contact your local Premier Energy office for rebate information. In related news, I am now the president of the Wisconsin PERC and the rest of the board was enthusiastic about continuing the propane water heater program in 2022. Some of them didn’t seem as enthusiastic when I requested to be addressed in the future as ‘El Presidente’, but I think they’ll come around eventually.

If you haven’t replaced your furnace filters, a good rule of thumb is to do it on the equinoxes or solstices each year (every 3 months). Replace the batteries on your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and gas detectors at the summer and winter solstices or daylight savings time (every 6 months). Wisconsin requires a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector on every level of your home. If you heat your house with natural gas or propane, a gas detector is recommended. You can find gas, smoke and combination detectors at our Ace Hardware store in Westby and our Do It Best Center in Mt. Horeb.

We don’t have any snow on the ground as I write this but I would expect by the time I write the next newsletter that we’ll have a good snow cover and I’ll have a few hundred miles on my snowmobiles. When you are snow throwing out your driveway and sidewalk, please cut a path to the tank for our delivery personnel and keep it open all winter. You’ll earn a friend for life. If you have an underground tank, please mark the lid with something tall so our delivery folks can find them in heavy snow cover. If our drivers have to trudge through the snow to your tank, please have the courtesy to remove all obstructions that may be in the way. Our guys are working long hours to make sure everyone is supplied with propane. The last thing they want is to skin their shins on a piece of farm equipment or slip and fall on a piece of tin buried and forgotten under the snow. Been there, done that, and I have the scars to prove it. 

We are offering diesel contracts for 2020. If you are interested in locking in your diesel price for delivery to your farm or business in 2022, please contact your local Premier Energy office. Diesel delivery is not available at our Dodge location. 

Start the year out right and have a great January. Thank you for your business. 

Tim Lease

Division Manager

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