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Cattle Market & Creep Feeding Webinar

Jun 18, 2020

Beef Cattle in Lush Pasture

The Dollars You Can Expect And The Dollars You Could Gain

As we wrapped up National Beef Month just a few weeks back, we THANK YOU all for everything you do day-in and day-out to provide us with wholesome quality protein to feed our families and friends.

Putting national beef month behind us we still have everyday needs, marketing, and management decisions that need to be made to ensure our operations are profitable and we obtain the desired outcomes we expect in the fall when we decide to market or retain ownership of our calf crop.

All this is dependent on market and how many pounds we sell can be influenced by management on farm, allow us to play a role in providing you some insight on dollars you can expect and dollars you could gain.

Upcoming webinar to help you decide when to market your cattle

As a valued producer/ beef influencer of Premier Cooperative we would like to notify you of a webinar program we will be offering next week, Tuesday, June 23rd @ 7:00 P.M.!

Presenters include:

  • Amy E Radunz, Ph.D. | Beef Cattle Technical Consultant
  • Lee Schulz | Iowa State University Associate Professor

To learn more about the presenters, read our program flyer.
To register for the event, complete the form below.

Always remember: Eat Beef. The west wasn't won on salad.

Chris Blank, M.S.

Nutrition Consultant


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