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Get Rewarded For Your Show Animals

Jun 15, 2020

Show animals

Recognition for Supporting Animal Agriculture

In 2002 Premier instituted a new program to reward the youth in our area for their participation in showing of LIVESTOCK at the fairs in our trade area.

Over the years we have rewarded thousands of kids with tens of thousands of dollars for their hard work and commitment to animal agriculture.

This year, because COVID has canceled most fairs and pretty much everything else, we are offering a new program.

Each student of a Premier member who had planned on showing LIVESTOCK at a fair will be eligible to earn $30 whether or not they were able to show the animal (and earn a ribbon).

The student's parent will need to upload a picture of themselves with their animal and a Premier Co-op logo visible (eg. clothing, feed bag, or print this logousing the form below.

Each student who successfully uploads a completed form will receive $30 regardless of the number of animals they had planned to show. After receiving the picture, we’ll compile them weekly and send out checks to the students.

Look for your picture on our website or Facebook page.

Thanks for participating and supporting animal agriculture!


Allison Jensen

Quality Assurance & Communications Specialist

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