KRISS® Biostimulant for High Management Alfalfa

Jun 30, 2020

Enhance Plant Growth and Reduce Resistance to Abiotic Stress

Biostimulant Fertilizer for High Management Alfalfa

Biostimulants are natural compounds used to enhance plant growth or increase resistance to abiotic stress.

Effect on Yield & Feed Quality

In a cooperator study conducted in Wisconsin, Kriss® biostimulant fertilizer statistically increased total dry matter yield versus untreated check by over 1,000 lb/A.

What is KRISS® biostimulant fertilizer?

  • Registered as a 5-8-4 NPK fertilizer

  • Combination of seaweed extracts and plant-based amino acids

  • Active compounds include tryptophan, arginine and plant extracts

  • KRISS® biostimulant fertilizer can help drive yield and quality on highly managed alfalfa by supporting regrowth

Pairing KRISS® biostimulant fertilizer with products like Ascend® SL plant growth regulator (PGR) and MAX-IN® micronutrients can provide incremental benefits to help improve highly managed alfalfa growth and quality 

Photo from 2015 grower trials in Minnesota. Third cutting, pre-bud, 15-20 inches*.
  • Increased tonnage 

  • Greater feed quality 

  • Improved crude protein

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Ken Jahnke

Division Sales Manager


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Jun 30,2020

Advances in technology continue to bring innovative ways to improve quality and tonnage for your alfalfa crop. Just in the last few years biostimulants have become an integral part of top alfalfa production.  Here at Premier Cooperative we have incorporated that technology into our “QT” Alfalfa Treatment Program. 

Jun 18,2020

As we wrapped up National Beef Month just a few weeks back, we THANK YOU all for everything you do day-in and day-out to provide us with wholesome quality protein to feed our families and friends. As we put national beef month behind us we still have everyday needs, marketing, and management decisions that need to be made to ensure our operations are profitable and we obtain the desired outcomes we expect in the fall when we decide to market or retain ownership of our calf crop. All this is dependent on market and how many pounds we sell can be influenced by management on farm, allow us to play a role in providing you some insight on dollars you can expect and dollars you could gain.

Jun 16,2020
From the WI Department of Revenue, the Farm Support Program will be providing direct payments to farmers that suffered economic damages in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on gross farm income from 2019, the minimum payment is $1,000 and the maximum amount is $3,500. While not a large payment, the online application should be relatively quick to complete with funds expected to be issued on July 15th.
* Untreated check contained 3.2 fl oz/A Ascend® SL PGR + 1.2 fl oz/A Grizzly Too, Kriss® treatment was the same base with 16 fl oz/A Kriss® applied after the first and second cuttings.

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