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June Energy News

Jun 02, 2021

Propane Contracts

June 2021

June is Dairy Month. It’s also propane contracting month at Premier Cooperative. Anyone eligible for a propane contract should receive them by the third week in June. Considering gasoline prices are up $1.50 per gallon over last year, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the propane price. It will be up over last year but it is still very reasonable in relation to gasoline. If you’ve used an average of over 400 gallons the last two years, you should receive a contract this month. Contracts will be due June 29th. 

If you want options for your wheels other than gasoline, please consider propane. I have driven my Ford pickup 127,000 miles and saved over $9,700 in fuel costs so far. New propane conversions cost about $5,800 but there are $4,500 in rebates available through the Wisconsin Propane Education and Research Council and CHS. We have propane autogas refuelers in Mt. Horeb, Dodgeville, Bloomington and Viroqua. The beauty of these conversions is that you can also run the engine on gasoline if you aren’t able to fill up at a propane autogas dispenser. Call us to learn more. 

There is still a bunch of money left in the water heater rebate program. If you install a new propane water heater you may be eligible for a $200 rebate. It covers new construction as well as replacement water heaters. Snap a photo of the data plate on the old water heater before it’s hauled away as you’ll need the serial number and manufacturer for the rebate. 

Let’s spend a little time talking about safety. A sediment trap, sometimes called a drip leg, is used on gas piping to prevent sediment and debris from entering the gas valve on an appliance and causing it to malfunction. A malfunctioning gas valve can have serious consequences. A sediment trap can also extend the life of your appliance by keeping debris out of the gas valve.
In the photo you can see a gas shutoff valve (red handle upper left) to stop the flow of propane to the appliance. A gas shutoff valve is required at each appliance so gas can be shut off in case of an emergency or so an appliance can be repaired or replaced without shutting down the entire system. If you are missing either a gas shutoff valve or a sediment trap, call your plumber to have them installed. And then call us, which is required every time there is an interruption in service. We will do a leak test free of charge during normal business hours.

Have a fantastic June and thank you for your business.   

Tim Lease

Division Manager

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