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From the Manager's Desk

Mar 01, 2021

March Update

As we enter March with better than average temps, at this point we can only hope the 2021 growing season comes close to what we saw last year. While we had our share of challenges in 2020 that were outside of our control, production agriculture turned out to be one of the bright spots of the year. Favorable weather for the growing season and throughout harvest, coupled with timely rebounds in the commodity markets, helped brighten up what had been several years of challenging conditions in agriculture. Time will tell how 2021 turns out, but the staff at Premier is here to help work through any challenges we may face together.  

Our agronomy team has been busy since the last fall fertilizer application getting ready for the next spring rush. The operations team has been busy going through all the equipment to make sure it’s in good working order, greasing up the new sprayers, trucks and other equipment we’ve purchased this year, updating technology and precision tools on existing equipment, and conducting hours of training. In addition, the crop advisors and admin staff have been putting the finishing touches on crop plans and seed orders, wrapping up input financing and nutrient management plans, hiring and training new staff including college interns to help scout fields, and maybe taking a little time away to get rested for what is sure to be long days and short nights ahead. 

I briefly mentioned last month that we are always looking for good people to help fill seasonal openings in our agronomy division. Each year we try to fill about 100 full and part time positions at our eleven agronomy locations. These positions can last from six weeks up to eight months. Most seasonal positions involve delivering product to our members. If you or someone you know is interested in seasonal or year-round employment, please contact Shayla at our Mt Horeb office or stop by one of the agronomy locations. The hours can be flexible and available up to seven days a week. If agronomy work isn’t for you, ask about openings at any of our other locations. Thank you for your help in referring good candidates to us.

In addition to the spring rush for agronomy, our retail locations are also gearing up for another busy spring and summer. If you spent most of your 2020 COVID lock-down perfecting your lawn, deck, garden, or just about any home improvement project, your Mt Horeb Lumber Do it Best and Westby ACE Hardware have the supplies you need to keep them looking great. While we are still uncertain what a spring open house may look like at our retail locations this year due to continuing COVID restrictions, we hope to have a plan in place by the time the April newsletter gets printed. Check back next month for updates on open houses, patronage checks, equity redemptions, and more.

With so much happening at your cooperative as we enter spring it’s easy to get excited for what lies ahead. From the back yard to the back forty, the staff at Premier is ready to help you get 2021 off to a great start. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to be the “Premier” business for our members.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and have a safe month.

Matt Severson


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