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Nov 07, 2022

Combine and Tractor

November Update

By the time this update reaches you, we will have wrapped up the first month of our new fiscal year, turned the corner on this year’s corn and soybean harvest, have a good jump on replenishing the soil nutrients removed by the crop, had our first taste of winter weather (early October!), and seen retail stores update inventory for the changing season. Without proper planning for what lies ahead, it could be easy to get left behind. 

Your cooperative’s board of directors and employees have been planning 2023 (and beyond) fixed asset investments needed to help serve our members. As always, there are a lot of new trucks, applicators, and other rolling stock in the budget. In addition, we are exploring ways to improve production and increase efficiencies at several of our locations through new, larger equipment and facility improvements/expansions. It looks like it could be an exciting year ahead.

In addition to your cooperative planning for next year, many of our producer members have a great jump on the 2023 growing season. Those who get an early start on securing seed, crop nutrients, and crop protection products know that crop planning cannot wait until spring planting. While no two seasons will be the same, some of the issues that contributed to supply challenges leading into the 2022 season remain a factor for this year. In addition to some of the known challenges, it remains to be seen how low Mississippi River levels and potential railroad labor disputes could impact the coming season. Working with your Premier agronomist early will be vital to ensure your crop inputs are available when you need them. 

Due to the great turnout for our annual meeting last January, we have again reserved Wisconsin Riverside Resort in Spring Green to hold our next annual meeting on Wednesday, January 18, 2023. Please check out additional updates in this and future newsletters for more information including scholarship opportunities, director elections, and more. 

In a few weeks we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Holidays always add stress to our business as employees take extra days of well-deserved vacation time to spend with family and our work week loses a day to serve you. Please help the co-op staff you work with by calling in your feed, propane, lumber, and other deliveries as much in advance of the holidays as possible. With one less day in the week to work with, it’s greatly appreciated by all the staff as it allows them to get home at a decent time to spend the holidays with their family and friends.

Veterans Day is November 11. Thank you, veterans, for your service and sacrifice. Please be safe and have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

Matt Severson


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