A Complete Calf Nutrition Package

Mar 04, 2019

Do you know what’s inside the calf milk replacer, starter and grower you’re feeding? Is it complete? Does it have the ingredients your calves need to stay healthy and growing…or is it falling short? With the Purina® AMPLI-CALF® Program, it’s all in the bag. Designed with you in mind, the AMPLI-CALF® Program is a complete and convenient calf nutrition package to nurture the calves’ growth for the future. It has what your calves need, delivered in just three easy steps. 
A calf feeding program designed around lasting calf nutrition. Investing in calf milk replacer, calf starter and grower feed can have a positive long-term impact on lactation performance. Achieving more milk and optimized overall health of the animal could have significant impact on your bottom-line potential.
Research shows that calves reach their genetic potential and achieve 6,588 pounds1 more milk through three lactations when fed all three steps of the AMPLI-CALF® Program.
Step 1: Full potential milk diet
Step 2: AMPLI-CALF® Starter 22%
Step 3: AMPLI-CALF® Grower 18%
Each step delivers the specific nutrition calves need during their development, and all three steps are connected by a special blend of ingredients, including: 
Smell and flavor enhancers to help calves eat more
Energy to support growth
Prebiotics to support gut health and the immune system, so calves can use energy to grow
Highly digestible fiber to help maintain rumen development 
This all-inclusive calf feeding program has been carefully researched by Purina Animal Nutrition and tested by calf raisers across the country.
We’re delivering a more complete package of nutrients to the calf. By meeting the nutritional needs of our calves starting on day one, we can prepare them for peak performance as a cow.
Reach out to your local Purina calf and heifer specialist to start feeding your calves the AMPLI-CALF® Program.

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Mar 05,2019
Ken Jahnke | Agronomy Sales Division Manager

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