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Mar 01, 2020

By the time you receive this month’s newsletter we will only be a little more than a month away from some of the first corn being planted for the 2020 crop. With the miserable 2019 growing season now only haunting many of us in our dreams, we can look forward to 2020. Despite the coronavirus impacts on both the overall economy and recently completed phase 1 trade deal, there is much more to be optimistic about in the coming year. After all, it could never be as challenging as 2019, right?

Our agronomy team has been busy getting ready for the spring rush by going over all the equipment to make sure it’s in good working order, putting the finishing touches on crop plans and seed orders, greasing up the new sprayers, trucks, and other equipment we’ve purchased this year to serve our growing customer base, hiring college interns to help scout fields, and hopefully getting some rest in anticipation of another unpredictable season like last year. Much like a tax preparer studies and trains throughout the year to hone her skills in preparation for tax season, and despite knowing she will push her body and mind to its limits during it, our agronomy staff works hard year-round getting ready for the next planting season despite knowing they too will emerge exhausted at the end. However, when you are passionate about something like helping your friends/neighbors/customers feed the world it’s very rewarding at the end of the harvest.
Each year we try to fill about 100 full and part time seasonal positions at our eleven agronomy locations. These positions can last from six weeks up to eight months. Most seasonal positions involve delivering product to our members. If you or someone you know is interested in seasonal or year-round employment, please contact Shayla at our Mt Horeb office or stop by one of the agronomy locations. The hours can be flexible and available up to seven days a week. If agronomy work isn’t for you, ask about openings at any of our other locations. Thank you for your help in referring good candidates to us.

In addition to our agronomy locations, our retail locations are also gearing up for another busy spring and summer. It won’t be long before your spring yard work, house maintenance, and patio furniture clean-up will need to be done. Please stop by our ACE or Do it Best stores for all your needs. The spring open house information is elsewhere in the newsletter. Again, this year, we’ll be returning over $4 million in cash based on our 2019 fiscal year results. We look forward to seeing you at open house in May.

Our goal at Premier is to provide our customers/members/owners with the quality products and services they need to improve their businesses and/or make their lives easier, in a safe and compliant manner. We will continue to work hard every day to not only provide the highest quality products and services, but to do so in a way that is both easy for our members and enjoyable (friendly, no hassle). Unfortunately, we will fail now and again. I rarely receive complaints from our members, but when I do it almost always has to do with someone on our team not providing timely or enough communication. I can assure you that our entire team is reminded regularly of the importance of timely responses and regular communication. We also discuss how there are many things outside of our control, like weather and commodity prices, but each of us can control how we communicate with our members. It’s the single biggest reason I write a two page “employee update” every two weeks to our staff and why I write to each of you monthly about your cooperative. If you are not receiving enough communication from someone on our team, please don’t hesitate to share your expectations with him/her. I’m confident they will appreciate the feedback and use it to improve how they serve you. On the other hand, if you feel you’ve received good service from your delivery person or others you work with at the cooperative, please let them know with a simple “Thank You”. It’s amazing how two little words can make even the most challenging days seem so much more rewarding. I thank you for your continued support and feedback as we continue to strive to be the “Premier” business for our members.

Last month I mentioned Mo and I would be welcoming our fourth grandchild in February. Walter arrived a couple of weeks early, making Valentine’s Day this year extra special. Only two days old, he joined in on Sunday morning breakfast at Grandpa’s. Have I ever mentioned my amazing daughter-in-law, Kim, has a love and passion for all things (Walt) Disney? Cooper is excited to have a little brother while Bobo seems concerned he may not get outside for as many walks until Walter is a little older. Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Go Badgers!

Andy Fiene | CEO


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