Crop Production Tips

May 02, 2020

Tips to remember this May

With the extra challenge of the pandemic virus and resulting COVID-19, this Spring's planting season is on pace to be a crazy time for everyone trying to get a crop in the ground. Here are a few reminders of items to make sure you check off your list this May.

  • Plant timely and in optimum soil condition
  • Updated field maps to agronomy center
  • Planting speed: 4-5 MPH
  • Pop-up starter fertilizer applications with Ascend and zinc
  • Soybean seed treatments
  • Control weeds early
  • Nitrogen treatments to minimize Nitrogen loss
  • First cutting alfalfa fertilization
  • Fungicide treatments on alfalfa
  • V5 corn fungicide treatments
  • NutriSolutions 360 tissue testing program
  • Setup R7 Field Monitoring Tool and Field Forecasting Tool

Read our agronomy update for information on importance of nitrogen stabilizer on spring nitrogen applications.


Ken Jahnke

Division Sales Manager

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