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Interactive Alfalfa Maturity Map

May 15, 2020

New growth after frost damage in corn

This map updates daily!

The below map demonstrates maturity of alfalfa across the region by locale.

How to use it:

Use the filters on the left side to change the date range and maturity of the stands whose data you are viewing.

To view how height and maturity have changed over time in a region, right click on the town or county of interest to you and click on “drill through” then “Height over time”.
To go back to the map from “Height over time” click on the back arrow in the upper left corner.

Interested in having your data included?

Click here and we will have a Premier representative contact you. Or, collect your own data using the method in this article and send the average height and greatest maturity of your stand along with your town and county of residence to


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Kristina Weld, MS, PhD

Dairy Nutritionist

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