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November Energy News

Nov 02, 2021

Fall Propane Tank

October 2021

I surely do enjoy this time of year. After a summer of high temperatures, I appreciate the cooler weather that fall brings. Harvest is going on and the leaf colors are really beautiful this time of year. Now is the time of year deer throw caution to the wind during the rut. Be careful that the amorous bucks don’t run themselves or one of their sweethearts into the path of your vehicle.  

With the cooler weather in October, I fired up my furnace up for the first time. I also replaced the filter. If you haven’t done that yet, now would be a great time. You should also schedule a check up on your furnace with your technician, especially if you fired it up and it’s running a bit kitty wampus. The life expectancy of a fuel oil furnace is 20 to 25 years and a propane furnace lasts 20 to 30 years. If your furnace is older than 30 years, you may want to budget for a new one. And if you have a furnace that is over 40 years old, you may want to check with the Smithsonian Institute to see if they want to put it on display in one of their museums.  

Propane prices have continued to climb since we sent out the contracts back in June. If you missed the boat in June but still want to contract, we are offering prepay contracts but at substantially higher prices. We could be in for quite a ride this winter when it comes to pricing and supply. We’ll be able to handle the supply part of the equation for our customers but prices may increase dramatically. If you haven’t locked in your price yet, understand that it is still an option. 

U.S. propane supplies are looking a little better at the moment. Exports were down a bit and the crop drying load has been light this year, which means less propane has been exported or consumed. That could bode well for supplies going into the cold weather. We shall see.  

The water heater rebate program is still plugging along. The Propane Education and Research Council still has money available. If you replace your existing water heater with a propane one or install one in new construction you may be eligible for a $200 incentive. Call your local Premier Energy office for details.

If you call in for your propane, please don’t let it get dangerously low before you call. The best time to call is when you are at 30%. That gives us plenty of time to work you into our routes without additional charges. If you’d like to order online, that option is available. Go to, ‘MEMBER LOGIN’, sign in and click on ‘Energy Order’. If you are having problems or have any questions, call your local Premier Energy office. 

I hope you enjoy the month of November. If you’re a deer hunter, good luck. If you’re going to be traveling to see family on Thanksgiving, drive safely, enjoy the holiday and don’t talk about politics. Veterans Day is November 11th. If you’re a veteran, thank you for your service. No matter what your job was, whether you served during years of peace or war, your time in uniform was important to this nation. Give a couple of your buddies a call and catch up. 

As always, thank you for your business. 

Tim Lease

Division Manager

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