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Oct 28, 2020

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Volume 1, 2020

Fall is a busy time for cattleman, harvest, weaning and selling of the calf crop, and preparation for the months ahead. I challenge you this year, to consider a new annual routine when it comes to fall herd management. Take the time this fall to subjectively body condition score (BCS) the cow herd on the scale from 1 (emaciated) to 9 (obese) and assess the distribution of condition scores across the cow herd.

One of the three critical time points in the annual production cycle of the beef cow to assess body condition is prior to/ during the weaning process. Body condition scoring cows during the weaning phase provides opportunities to most cost effectively regain adequate body condition, a score of 6 prior to the calving season.

Restoring body condition during this time in the production system can present its own set of challenges given environmental factors that limit availability and quality of forages during the fall grazing season. Therefore considerations for supplementation to fill the nutritional gap may be necessary and be effectively done through supplementation using Purina Tubs.

When we consider supplementation in a fall grazing system two products rise to the top:

  • Accuration Hi- Fat Block: a cooked tub with the addition of 10% fat combined with the Accuration technology allows for controlled intake of this higher energy supplement to fill the nutritional gap between forage quality and the energy needs of the cow.
  • Rangeland 30:13 - protein tubs provide the additional protein to optimize forage utilization when grazing low quality pastures and/ or corn stover.

In this trial, if a hybrid starts to show early Nitrogen deficiency on the low-management program (Nitrogen all upfront) but is responding to the added N on the split-applied N trial, then it is considered to have a higher response-to Nitrogen and should be placed in a field where nitrogen will be split-applied.

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If you would like to have consultation on the assessment of the body condition score of your cows and formulating a fall/ winter feeding strategy, use the form below to contact a Premier Cooperative nutritionist.


Chris Blank, M.S.

Nutrition Consultant


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