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Prospective Planting Report

Jun 30, 2021


6/30/2021 Report

The USDA released the Prospective Plantings report today and put planted corn acres at 92.7 million and soybeans at 87.6 million acres. This came in below estimates and is very supportive to the corn and soybean markets.  

Grain Stocks as of June 1st were also released, with corn estimated at 4.11 billion bushels and soybeans at 766 million bushels. Soybean stocks were below trade estimates and corn was also slightly below estimates. These stocks figures are supportive to prices as well.  

Please feel free to contact Jory today at 608-308-4889 with any questions regarding today's Prospective Plantings report and how it may effect the markets.

Jory Bossuyt

Grain Lead & Merchandising

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