September Energy News

Sep 01, 2022

Propane Tank

September 2022.

I hope you all had an enjoyable Labor Day. I’m writing this a few days before Labor Day and I’m planning on having several family members over for a cookout. I’ve got ten brothers and sisters so try to imagine if a few of them and their extended families show up. I’d call it controlled mayhem. The level of mayhem is directly proportional to the amount of sugary treats available to the kids.

Energy markets haven’t changed in that they are extremely volatile. We’re seeing wide swings in diesel and gasoline prices but propane surprisingly has hardly changed value. If you haven’t sent your contract in but would still like to, call your local Premier Energy office to find out the latest contract price. 
Since September contains the autumnal equinox, that would be a great time to change out your furnace air filters. Most filters should be replaced at a minimum every three months to keep your furnace/air conditioner running at peak efficiency. You know how you feel when your nose is stuffed up? That’s the way a furnace feels when its filter is getting full of debris and dust. But your furnace can’t go into mouth breather mode like we can so it makes it harder to push the proper amount of air through your ducts. So give your furnace a breather and replace the filter. We have so many furnace air filters at our Ace Hardware and Do It Center that we’re selling them!

Since we’re talking about equinoxes, let’s discuss what to do at the summer and winter solstices. Besides using the day to remember to change your furnace air filters, change the batteries in your smoke, carbon monoxide and gas detectors if required. According to Wisconsin Statutes, new construction must have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors hard wired to the house’s electrical circuit. Each floor of all home are required to have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Gas detectors are not mandatory but are a good idea if you are like me and don’t have a good sniffer on your face. Remember, just because you have detectors doesn’t guarantee your safety. You need to test them regularly. Once again, see our Ace Hardware or Do It Center in Westby and Mt. Horeb. 

Did you know that in the United States 430 people on average die and 50,000 visit the emergency room annually due to carbon monoxide poisoning? Don’t be a statistic. Have your furnace technician give your furnace a checkup to see if it is problem free. And test your carbon monoxide detector regularly as I stated above. 

The water heater rebate is still going on. If you have replaced or installed a new propane water heater, contact your local Premier Energy office for details on a $200 incentive. Premier is far ahead of all other Wisconsin propane companies in incentives earned. I always said we have the best customers.

Thank you for your business and have great September.   

Tim Lease

Division Manager

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