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Propane Tank at Sunset

What Causes Price Spikes?

Mar 05, 2021

In good old Midwestern fashion, February threw us a winter curve ball. Our nice and mild temperatures dropped drastically and had our furnaces running around the clock to catch up. Typically, winter brings a strain on propane supply as usage increases (that’s why we have you fill out your yearly contracts in the summer). What’s not so typical is for the entire United States to go through cold spells across the board.   Propane is created as a byproduct of refining processes. With Texas’ electric failure, nearly 2/3 of refining capabilities were cut off in the state at the same time as demand was high around the nation. As any economics teacher worth their salt would tell you, when you have less supply and more demand, price goes up. In this case we saw an impressive 50 cent swing almost overnight.    Your cooperative has so many options to keep you and and your family protected against these events. Keep up to date on our Facebook and Website pages to learn more this spring!

Cow and Calf

Prepping for Calving Season

Mar 04, 2021

As beef cattle producers calving season is one of the most anticipated times of the year but can also be one of the most stressful times burdened by cold, late nights checking cows. Although many of our seedstock operators have been through the rush of their calving season many of Wisconsin’s commercial cattleman are just getting prepared. Now is the time to make sure your team and facilities are adequately prepared to ensure a smooth calving season. 

Emerging Corn Plant

Managing Early Season Plant Stress

Mar 02, 2021

Every year planting season presents a new set of challenges. Some years there are favorable planting conditions, and other years there are less than favorable conditions. These less than favorable conditions such as cool and wet soils, can lead to early season plant stress. While not all plant stresses can be eliminated, there are several practices you can follow to help mitigate them. Read more here...  

Grain Bin

Important Grain Notice

Mar 01, 2021

Premier Cooperative participates in Wisconsin’s Agricultural Security program.  If we fail to pay you for grain when payment is due, you may file a claim under this program.  The program may provide some compensation.  However, our “estimated default exposure” exceeds program coverage, and we have not filed security to cover the difference, so compensation may cover only a portion of your loss.  For more information, you may contact the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, 2811 Agriculture Drive, Madison, 53708-8911 (phone 608/224-4998).   

2021 Virtual Update Meeting

Feb 26, 2021

1. Fair Ribbon Program - Matt Severson​​2. Board IntroductionsSteve Burns - ChairmanMitch Seston - Vice ChairmanSteve Trescher - DirectorDave Unbehaun - DirectorLouie Kieler - Secretary3. Minutes from 2020 - Louie Kieler4. Chairman's Report - Steve Burns5. Manager's Report - Andy Fiene6. Closing Remarks - Matt Severson7. Scholarship Recipients8. Giveaway Registration

Emerging Corn Plant

Build Stronger Plants from the Start

Feb 26, 2021

Roots are a plant’s lifeline for nutrient and water uptake. If your crops don’t have a strong root system, chances are your yield will suffer. Plant growth regulators (PGRs) are hormones that regulate growth and development of plants, and they can offer significant benefits, including a larger root mass with more root hairs. That can help the plant mine nonmobile soil nutrients including phosphorus, potassium and zinc for better plant health. PGRs can also promote vigorous emergence, wider leaves and thicker stalks. A PGR like Ascend Pro® delivers season-long crop benefits regardless of early-season conditions. Whether it’s cool and wet or hot and dry, research shows Ascend Pro® boosts plant health from day one.

Bus Admin

The Top 5 Reasons Major Bus Companies Implemented AutoGas

Feb 25, 2021

Propane Autogas has many different benefits. Here are the top 5 reasons why major bus companies are switching to Propane AutoGasCOST SAVINGS & PRICE STABILITY By switching from diesel to propane , companies were able to realize savings in the tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, propane markets are less volatile so you can lock in a price for the next 1-2 years and better manage cash flow.  In the business of bussing, every dollar counts.QUICK ROI Based on customer provided data, converting to Propane Autogas pays for itself in 10-14 months.

2022 Calendar Contest

Feb 22, 2021

WE NEED YOUR HELP! For 2022, we're doing something a bit different for our annual calendar. We are looking for any pictures that help depict our cooperative and agriculture in general! From a picture of a sprayer out in the field, to your cattle enjoying our high quality Premier feed and all the family grill outs, LP tanks, and stops at our convenience or hardware stores, we're looking to capture our patrons experience with your cooperative.

2021 Scholarship Winners

Feb 16, 2021

Since our usual in-person annual meeting had to go virtual this year, our scholarship program had to as well. To apply, students had to submit a video essay on the importance of cooperatives in rural America. Congratulations to our scholarship winners and good luck in the future!

Grain Bin


Feb 08, 2021

Tuesday February 9th at 11:00 am is the release of the USDA WASDE (World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates) monthly report. The key numbers to watch in this report are the 2020/2021 ending stocks numbers, which are currently very tight. Corn ending stocks were projected to be 1.5 billion bushels in the January report and soybeans were projected to be 140 million bushels. Traders expect these carryout numbers to be reduced in the February report. If you’d like to discuss these report numbers and the price reaction after their release, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jory at our Westby location.

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