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Long Day Lighting

Dec 03, 2021

Photoperiod is the duration of daily light exposure in a 24 hour period.  When the photoperiod has been manipulated to 16-18 hours of light exposure; research has shown an increase in milk production, feed efficiency, reproduction, and heifer growth.

Snowy Propane Tank

December Energy News

Dec 02, 2021

We’re about to go into the heating season. For those of us who live, breathe, and eat propane, this is what we are looking forward to all year. (Disclaimer: We recommend you don’t eat propane.)  All of the trucks are running smoothly and we are fully staffed except for one full time service technician position in Richland Center. If you know someone who is looking for something new or just hitting the job market for the first time, recommend to them that they come in and fill out an application.

Grower portal

Agronomy Year End Prepay

Dec 02, 2021

Last year we changed up our “Year End Prepay Days” due to the COVID-19 guidance that was in place and went to offering private one on one appointments. These appointments ended up being very efficient and timely for all, giving us time to prepare in advance for the appointment and locking in a time for yourself to help in your day-to-day schedule as well. We have decided to continue with this same layout for our “Year End Prepay Days”. We would like to offer you a window of time between Mid-December and the first week of January toprepay for your 2022 crop inputs. Please call your local agronomy location to schedule a private one on one appointment. We appreciate your business and look forward to meeting with you.  


Planning for Profits

Dec 02, 2021

With the 2021 season behind us our thoughts have turned to planning for 2022. Many of you started that thinking process during harvest and decided to buy/book and apply fall fertilizer. In general, fertilizer prices have remained strong throughout the fall with potentially more upside. Some supply concerns have made the news as well. We have worked hard with our suppliers to secure fertilizer tons for the remainder of the fall application season and to fill and re-fill our bins for spring application. Premier’s storage capacity is one of the largest in the area which helps lessen our dependence on shipments in the spring. Working with your local agronomist to plan your needs for spring will help us forecast product amounts and timing of those tons for application in the spring.

Merry Christmas

From the Manager's Desk

Dec 01, 2021

In November we held our annual audit and I’m pleased to report that your cooperative had another solid year in 2021. With overall sales at $226 million, led with solid increases in our feed and agronomy divisions, your company was able to post bottom line performance just off the record highs we saw in 2020. While the mild start to last winter impacted the service revenue in our grain department and sales in our propane division, it also allowed our agronomy division to get more product on the fields before winter and helped set the table for a successful 2021 fiscal year. The feed division and Do it Best Hardware and Lumber, as well as ACE Hardware, each saw significant gains again this past year. Convenience stores and auto shops continue to rebound strong from the Covid shut down and grow sales and bottom-line contribution. As a result of this performance, the cash patronage to be returned this next spring will represent about 1.6% of our members’ purchases and total over $2.3 million. Altogether, over the past 10 years, your cooperative has returned over $32 million in cash back to our member-customers! Congratulations to all of you as the members/owners of one of the top performing farm and consumer supply cooperatives in the country. On behalf of the employee team and board of directors, thank you for the tremendous support that has made this possible.

Ag tech tools

Use technology tools to support in-season decision-making​. 

Nov 15, 2021

Making good seed decisions starts with leveraging the data that’s best suited for your operation. Ideally, this means fusing national data with highly localized data from your region or your farm specifically. ​Although you never know what the season will bring, the highest odds of success come from managing the seed as recommended.

cattle in harvested field

Fall Beef Herd Tips

Nov 03, 2021

Pasture conditions are variable in southwest Wisconsin this fall, and how you manage this with your cows can have an impact on winter-feeding costs and cow performance next year. What are some things to assess right now?

Fall Propane Tank

November Energy News

Nov 02, 2021

I surely do enjoy this time of year. After a summer of high temperatures, I appreciate the cooler weather that fall brings. Harvest is going on and the leaf colors are really beautiful this time of year. Now is the time of year deer throw caution to the wind during the rut. Be careful that the amorous bucks don’t run themselves or one of their sweethearts into the path of your vehicle.  

Give thanks

From the Manager's Desk

Nov 01, 2021

It would be difficult to turn on the evening news or glance at the latest top stories on your phone without seeing the headlines of supply chain issues. While the news stories and images of container ships backed up off the ports on the west coast are all recent, anyone that is involved with purchasing inventory for a business would tell you the issues have been here long before the news outlets began covering the stories or our elected officials started demanding actio

Colostrum unit

DIY Colostrum Thawing & Heating Unit

Oct 06, 2021

As producers are beginning to focus a lot more on their calf health, lowering excess heifer numbers and raising only what they need for replacements, I have been asked a lot about how to properly store, warm, and feed colostrum.  Refrigerating or freezing excess high-quality colostrum (greater than 22% Brix reading) is a great way to ensure each newborn calf receives this vital nutrition at birth.  Because high temperatures can destroy immunoglobulins (IgGs) and other nutrients, colostrum should be carefully thawed and warmed before feeding it to the calf.  Producers can easily build their own colostrum thawing and heating unit to accomplish this task.

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