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cattle in harvested field

Energy or protein, do you know what you need?

Oct 06, 2021

  Harvest is in full swing and soon mother nature will be presenting us with colder temperatures and the white stuff we all have grown to have a love-hate relationship with as livestock producers. With these changes also comes a change in how we manage our beef cattle, transitioning from stored pasture forage to perhaps grazing of corn fodder to feeding of stored feeds.


October Grain Update

Oct 05, 2021

Harvest is here. As we are in another busy season, I will keep this short with a few policies and reminders. First, please ensure accuracy at the scale by having drivers check tickets for the correct customer name and disposition of the ticket. If sold at the scale, it will be marked with “Cash” and a price in the top right corner of the ticket. If being applied to a contract or stored, it will be marked with “ETD”, which means Extended Time to Decide. Extended Time to Decide allows you 7 days to choose what to do with your grain. Second, you have the option to defer payment until January 2022, but please let us know this before hauling. Third, all trucks or wagons used to haul treated seed should be completely cleaned out. One kernel can lead to problems for both parties. Last, please drive slowly and be safe around our grain plants. With extra people and vehicles moving around our facilities, additional caution goes a long way. Happy Harvest!

New Construction Propane

October Energy News

Oct 05, 2021

In last month’s newsletter, I talked about trying to cram as much summer fun into September as possible. That’s what I did. I visited a few national parks out west and hung out with some friends who live in Montana and South Dakota. If you think our gasoline prices are high here, you should see the prices out west. The average price I paid for gasoline on this trip was $3.36 per gallon. And that’s where a lot of the oil wells are. Wow.

Corn at harvest

From the Manager's Desk

Oct 01, 2021

With harvest well underway in many parts of our trade area, our employee team is gearing up and ready to serve our members during the next two seasonal rushes your cooperative experiences each year—grain rush and propane heating season. Our grain plants located in Mineral Point, Mazomanie, Richland Center, Westby, and now Hazel Green, are anxiously awaiting this year’s crop. With the near-term weather forecast calling for warm temps and very little chance for rain into the first few weeks of October, this year’s harvest could be setting up like 2020. An early and dry harvest not only saves on the cost to store this year’s grain, but also helps get a jump on the 2022 growing season. Soil sampling, fertilizer applications, and more that we can get done in the fall will help free up valuable resources for an unpredictable spring planting season.  


Fall Armyworm

Sep 23, 2021

Fall Armyworms have begun to make an appearance in alfalfa fields in Southwestern Wisconsin, Northeast Iowa, and Northern Illinois. Fall armyworms range in size large to small, so feeding will continue for some time yet.  Small worms (the size of pencil lead) can feed for another 10-15 days especially in cooler temperatures.  In final worm growth stage, (size of pencil eraser) this is the most destructive stage … they can destroy and consume a lot of alfalfa very quickly.   Here's what to know:   

School Bus

Propane Autogas: The Safest Way to Get Back to School

Sep 15, 2021

Propane Autogas is the not just the best economical choice you can make for your district, it's also the safest for your students. Here's why:

Grain Bin

September Grain Update

Sep 10, 2021

I hope everyone had a great month of August and you are ready for the busy months ahead. Best of luck to all about to chop silage and those who are in the middle of chopping. I have a couple of reminders as we head into the grain harvest season. First, contact one of us today to get put on the list for each location’s harvest text updates. This includes hour changes, weather updates, and other location alerts sent out as needed. You can sign up by asking a grain staff member or on our website under the Grain Marketing tab. Second, keep in mind that Premier offers fall trucking out of the field. If your operation needs some extra hauling, please reach out and we will put together a plan. This month’s WASDE report brought an unexpected reduction to 2021 crop yields, supporting the market. The USDA estimates corn yield at 174.6 bpa and soybeans at 50.0 bpa. 2021 corn carryouts are projected at 1.12 billion bushels and soybeans at 160 million bushels. 2022 carryouts sit at 1.24 billion and 155 million bushels. These current USDA numbers are keeping a supportive floor under our market, but as we discover how the crop looks both nationwide and for yourself personally in the next few months, be ready with an action plan in place for marketing your grain. 

Dairy Cow

Do you allow your cows to reach their potential?

Sep 10, 2021

This topic is one of the most talked about items by dairy cow nutritionists and dairy producers.  I wanted to add to prior newsletter articles written by my colleagues where they talked about setting the table for fresh cows by ventilating dry cows and feeding dry cows for success.  Building from that I will add on how handling postcalving animals is crucial to those lactating animals reaching peak milk.  

Grid Sampling

Fall Fertilizer Applications

Sep 03, 2021

It’s hard to believe how fast the summer has flown by.  While I’m ready for more fall like temperatures and the beginning of corn silage harvest, followed closely with soybeans and corn, I am not looking forward to less sunlight hours and cold weather.  I am however, looking forward to high school, Badger, and Packer football games. 

New Construction Propane

September Energy News

Sep 02, 2021

I’m sorry to report that summer is almost over. If you’re like me, you’ll try to cram in as much fun summer stuff into the last few weeks of nice weather as possible. Things that I should have been doing all summer, like barbequing and getting my boat out. Whoever said the best two days of a boat owner’s life is the day they buy it and the day they sell it hit the nail right on the head.

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