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Preparing for Breeding Season - Male to Female Ratios

Apr 02, 2022

Breeding season will be here before we know it and with it, bull turnout. In our area, we are fortunate to have many outstanding registered seedstock breeders who will be marketing bulls this Spring. The opportunity to invest in genetics to improve the profit potential of your operation may have you wondering what exactly you should be looking for.



Apr 01, 2022

ocket Seeds PMZ Dry is a dry seed nutritional with a patent-pending formulation (1-10-0, 8% Zn, 2% Mn) designed to improve early root growth and plant vigor. An excellent talc and graphite replacement, its unique nutritional package creates a longer, more developed root system. The product’s distinct formulation adds agronomic value, while simultaneously improving seed flow through the planter. PMZ Dry addresses common challenges in the early stages of crop growth by improving resistance to early season cold and water stress. Not using starter when planting and worried about seedling vigor and emergence.  If you answered yes, consider using PMZ Dry from Rocket Seeds. 

Tryston and Todd

Stabilize Your Nitrogen

Mar 14, 2022

28% of Nitrogen that farmers apply will be lost due to volatility, leaching, and denitrification. In recent years, many have compensated by applying even more Nitrogen to their fields. With Nitrogen prices skyrocketing (along with other fertilizers) it now makes more economic sense to protect your nitrogen applications with a nitrogen stabilizer.

Utrisha™ N


Mar 14, 2022

Increase your crop’s nitrogen use efficiency and boost your yield potential with Utrisha™ N nitrogen efficiency optimizer. This biological product naturally improves plant vitality for a healthy harvest by fixing nitrogen from the atmosphere and converting it to ammonium. It’s a sustainable solution that supplies nitrogen throughout the crop cycle in an effective and controlled way.

Grain bins

March Grain Update

Mar 04, 2022

With the worst of the cold weather behind us, we are one step closer to warm weather and planting season. We have seen strong markets through the crop insurance spring pricing period and some good opportunities for further old and new crop sales. It is an incredibly volatile time, first pushed by South American drought and the Russia-Ukraine conflict has now created shockwaves. Ukraine is a major player in both the wheat and corn export markets which lead to a bullish initial reaction followed by a sharply lower reaction. Uncertainty is widespread in most global markets and grains are no exception.

Dairy Cow

Feeding for Butterfat

Mar 04, 2022

This sensitivity analysis considers the portion of palmitic acid fed as a dietary supplement that ends up as butterfat and energy for body utilization.  It assumes that:


Achieve Your Yield Potential or Get Your Money Back

Mar 03, 2022

But what if the best doesn't get it done for you this year?If you use the best products for weed control, plant health, and nitrogen use efficiency and don’t get 105%* of your approved yield, we have partnered with Winfield United to offer warranty programs that pay you back up to $30 per acre to help cover the cost of those products.

Budget planning

Crop Input Planning

Mar 03, 2022

I want to start this out with a BIG thank you to all who have come in and made commitments and prepayments for your 2022 crop needs. This is a big help to get us off on the right foot with direction on what products to stock for the upcoming spring season.  As we head into the tail end of winter and turn the corner into spring, I want to take a few moments and comment on an opportunity that still lies ahead in the coming month: planning. Though discussions of planning ahead have happened over and over this past winter, it remains important as we get closer to spring.   

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From the Manager's Desk

Mar 03, 2022

I always look forward to turning the calendar on the month of February and seeing the first day of spring quickly approaching. The sun seems to shine a bit brighter and longer in the afternoon, and the snow piles get a little smaller each day. What the weather will look like for the month of March remains to be seen, but the decline of COVID, and rolling back of a nearly two-year mask mandate sure gets the month off to a great start. 

Propane Delivery

March Energy News

Mar 03, 2022

By the time you read this month’s article, I will have turned 60 and retired from the Army Reserve. (Apparently they don’t want old guys.) I’ve had a lot of adventures, from sipping beer as a private in West Germany during the Cold War, to fighting insurgents as an infantry platoon sergeant in the Iraq War, and now I’m ending my career training today’s warriors. As I say goodbye to that chapter of my life, I’m by no means closing the book. I’m planning on having many new adventures. Hopefully they won’t make the newspaper or the nightly news. 

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