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April Energy News

Apr 02, 2021

I called it on my last newsletter. Spring is officially here. Every spring it sure feels good to go outside and feel a warm breeze, doesn’t it? The birds, including the snow birds, are heading back north after their annual migration. I’ve noticed a kestrel flying around my buildings. I’m hoping it’s the female that has come back the last couple of years and nested in my icehouse. They’re great mousers. 

From the Manager's Desk

Apr 02, 2021

Welcome to spring 2021. The piles of snow along the edge of the parking lot outside our Mt Horeb Do it Best store are now gone and will soon be replaced with mountains of fresh mulch, dozens of lawn and garden soils, fertilizer, bark, and stone options, as well as a freshly stocked greenhouse full of some of the best flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs the area has to offer. A little further north our Westby ACE store is also busy packing away the leftover snowblowers and shovels, and ready to showcase the latest grills and just about anything to spruce up your backyard living space. 

Alfalfa Field

Alfalfa Seeding Date Recommendations

Mar 31, 2021

Many times producers will plant alfalfa early out of convenience. But, planting alfalfa later has its benefits and may lead to more success on your farm.

Alfalfa in Hand

Tips for a Robust Alfalfa Crop

Mar 31, 2021

As we round the corner on winter, spring alfalfa planting is just around the corner. Here are some key strategies and tips our Premier Cooperative forage team recommends for success in the next few weeks as you plan for the upcoming season.

Alfalfa growth stages

Winter Damaged Alfalfa Management

Mar 31, 2021

A question producers have every year is “How is the alfalfa going to over winter?” We had a lot of conditions that warrant the concern, but now is where the rubber hits the road and decisions will be made.


Stop Loss of Nitrogen with Spring Applications

Mar 26, 2021

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of using nitrogen stabilizers to protect fall-applied nitrogen over the winter, but did you know that spring nitrogen applications are at risk for loss as well? That’s because the majority of the nitrogen that is applied at planting is not going to be taken up by the plant until about 60 days later. If that nitrogen converts to nitrate before the crop is able to use it, it can be lost. It often becomes a race between the nitrate leaching and the growth rate of the plant’s roots. In a wet year, nitrate is more likely to reach the tile lines before the plant has a chance to take it up. Stabilizing nitrogen helps keep it in ammonium form longer, which greatly reduces the risk of leaching. That helps protect your nitrogen investment and improves your return on investment potential and yields..

Emerging Corn Plant

Maximize Nutrient Applications

Mar 26, 2021

As a producer, you want to get the absolute most out of your nutrient applications. Adding in AMS or Toggle can help you accomplish this. 

Alfalfa Field

5 Products to Enhance Your Alfalfa Yield Potential

Mar 24, 2021

Enhancing your alfalfa yield potential is easier now with the addition of several new tools. Make sure you check the basics first; soil pH, phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), and Sulfur (S). These 5 yield enhancing products and tools work great when you have your soil fertility foundation built.

Forage Sorghum

Forage Alternative For Alfalfa Winterkill or Saturated Ground

Mar 23, 2021

Each spring farmers face different challenges. One challenge is alfalfa failing to over winter, and another is wet acres. The answer to both of these challenges is forage sorghums. 

Mini Bulk System

Premier Cooperative Mini Bulk System

Mar 16, 2021

Premier co-op's mini bulk system is perfect for anyone tired of throwing around 50lbs bags of feed. The system is a refillable mini bulk bin that uses 2,000 lb tote bags that are cut in using a built in cutter. It is perfect for mineral, pellet and textured feeds.

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