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Should you have any questions on this year’s contract, please watch the video below for a detailed explanation on our different contract options and receive answers to frequently asked questions. Didn’t receive your contract and used more than 400 gallons last year? Contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is my average usage calculated?
    • The propane consumption listed on each contract is an average of your propane usage over the last two heating seasons (June 1 through May 31)
  • Can I contract more than the average listed on my contract?
    • Yes, you can contract more gallons. We recommend staying within 10% of your average usage. If you typically use 1,000 gallons, 1,100 gallons would be reasonable to plan for a colder than normal winter.
  • What if my propane consumption changed? 
    • Your past propane consumption will not account for any changes to your system (new furnace, water heater, etc). If you propane system has changed for any reason, please call your local propane branch for a free leak check and to adjust your contracted gallons. The price may not be the same for the additional gallons. 
  • What if I don't get a contract? 
    • If you use over 400 gallons of propane per heating season and do not receive a contract by June 20th, please call your local propane office. Those who have not used an average of 400 gallons over the last two years will not receive a contract.
  • Where do I send my contract?
    • Scan the QR Code to visit our contract website and submit electronically. You may also submit with the self-addressed return envelope provided with your contract or mail to your local propane branch
  • Do I need to contract to get propane?
    • No – contracting is optional and if you do not contract we will continue to deliver propane to you at the market rate. We recommend contracting to avoid an unexpected increase in price during the Winter. Over the past many years, prices have increased during the Winter months more often than they have decreased.
  • What happens if I don’t use all the gallons I contract?
    • Any prepay, deposit, or monthly payments you make that are not used will be credited to your account to use towards the following year’s contract or refund to you as a check.
  • How does my 10 cents per gallon deposit work?
    • Your deposit is held on your account for the contract term and credited to your account on May 31st to use towards the following year’s contract or refund to you as a check.