Earn 50 dollars for participating in your local livestock shows

Get rewarded for your show animals!

In 2002 Premier instituted a new program to reward the youth in our area for their participation in showing of LIVESTOCK at the fairs in our trade area.

Over the years we have rewarded thousands of kids with tens of thousands of dollars for their hard work and commitment to animal agriculture.

Premier Cooperative will award $50 to every members' child that submits a photo of them with their livestock project. The photo can be taken at the fair, or at home. Money can either be picked up at the main office in Mt. Horeb or any Premier Ag Center, or sent through the mail. 

Eligibility requirements:

  • Child of member must be engaged in a livestock project and plan on showing the animal at a county and/or state fair. 
  • Student must submit their name, parents' names, member account number, address, 4-H/FFA group name and a photo of themselves with their animal. 
  • Parent of child must be an active member of Premier Cooperative
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Please note that you cannot pick up your reward until you have sent in a picture. We request that you wait at least 2 business days after submitting to pick up. Thanks!
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