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Finance programs with low interest rates aren't difficult to find (like 0% interest when buying a new pickup).
Finance programs with low interest rates that don't increase the price you pay are rare.

We won't hide our interest.

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Over $15 million financed.
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No Liens Filed Up to $500,000.
Secure by Winfield United is an exclusive 0% fixed APR offer for qualified operations that prepay partner-branded corn, soybean, and alfalfa seed or chemical* purchase.
  • Applicants scored as an "A" credit will receive a 0% rate.
  • Applicants scored as a "B" credit will receive a 2% rate.
  • All loans have a 2/1/2022 maturity date and a $125 loan fee.
*Glyphosate products are excluded from the 0%/2% offer.

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Plus get Prime +1% APR (4.25% as of 9/10) for Fertilizer & Custom Application

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In addition to 0% fixed APR on your qualifying seed and chemical purchases, fertilizer and custom application (up to 50% of your total loan amount) can be financed at Prime + 1% (4.25% as of 9/10/20).

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