Bats, Lubricants, and Contracts

Apr 03, 2020

April Energy Update

I hope this newsletter finds you all healthy.

The world has changed a lot since the last newsletter. I’m writing this from my office but that may change. I may be writing it from home next time. Or the pandemic may be over. We have to remain flexible. 

If you call in for your propane, please closely monitor the amount of fuel in your tanks.

If you run out, we’re required to restart your appliances. Until the pandemic is over, we do not want our employee team entering your homes unless it is absolutely necessary. Please do your part to keep your family and our employee team safe.


In this new environment, I’ve found the time to tackle some projects at home. In the process I found out that I have bats in my attic when one escaped into my living space. When it comes to my fight or flight response, maybe it’s because of my years in the infantry or the fact that I grew up with 10 brothers and sisters, but I’m normally all fight when it comes to a perceived threat. Except when it comes to a bat in the house. Then I’m all flight. I would rather jump headfirst into a pit of vipers. They completely creep me out. Too many horror movies, I guess. Now I have a new project installing bat excluders that will allow them to get out but not get back in. I’m also installing bat houses for them to live in. If they stay out of my house, I promise to stay out of theirs.

a few months ago I was crowing about how we would finally be energy independent in the U.S. in 2020. Now I’m eating crow.

World Oil Markets

It’s a new environment in the energy world also. We’re seeing a lessening of demand because hundreds of millions of people around the world are sheltering in place or being quarantined. We’re also in the middle of a price conflict between Saudi Arabia and Russia designed to drive U.S. oil companies out of business. If you remember a few months ago I was crowing about how we would finally be energy independent in the U.S. in 2020. Now I’m eating crow.

Lubricants for farm equipment

Before the next newsletter comes out, our farmer patrons will be in the fields. If you haven’t ordered your lubricants yet, there’s no time like the present. We offer a full line of high quality Cenex lubricants for any application. We sell it packaged, by the drum or in bulk. Call your local energy office today to place your order.

Propane Contracts are coming!

Our propane contracts will be coming out again in June. Start planning now. I’ve been buying contracts for the next heating season. We will see reasonable contract prices again this year.
Enjoy the time with your families and hopefully we won’t be locked down for the next newsletter. Another two weeks of this and we will be able to tell everyone's true hair color. Thank you for your business.

Tim Lease

Division Manager

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