2023 Scholarship Winners

Jan 20, 2023

2023 Scholarship Winners

Scholarship Winners

For many years premier has offered scholarships to graduating high school seniors that are planning to attend an Ag Short Course or any other 2+ year accredited degree program after high school.

In order to qualify, students must:
  • Be a graduating high school senior in the class of 2023.
  • Be the child of an active member of Premier Cooperative. Active members must have done over $1,500 of patronage business with Premier during fiscal year 2022.
  • Student had to submit an essay on the role and importance of cooperatives in rural America.
This year 21 students applied for the scholarship from 10 different high schools, who have aspirations to study a variety of subjects at different colleges. 

All 21 seniors who applied were awarded a scholarship worth $750 from Premier Cooperative and were announced at the annual meeting on January 18, 2023. Congratulations to our scholarship winners:

  • Abigail Bures, Barneveld High School
  • Aedan Applegate, Barneveld High School
  • Alana Nelson, Ithaca High School
  • Alexis Blankenbeg, Iowa Grant
  • Anna Richardson, Benton High School
  • Edwin Gierke, Shullsburg High School
  • Elijah K Krantz, Mount Horeb High School
  • Emma Foley, Willowbrook High School
  • Erin Kelley, Mount Horeb High School
  • Gwendolyn Mahoney, Mount Horeb High School
  • Hannah Bauer, Richland Center High School
  • Joseph Robinson, Mineral Point High School
  • Kennedy Wenger, Mineral Point High School
  • Kolton Stibbe, Richland Center High School
  • Kortney Sebranek, River Valley High School
  • Lincoln Manning, Ithaca High School
  • Mackenzie Aurit, Mineral Point High School
  • Natashia Mueller, Ithaca Public Schools
  • Talena Sprecher, Ithaca High School
  • Ty Gaffney, Barneveld High School
  • William Kunkel, Southwestern High School

Allison Young

QA & Communications Manager

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Jan 04,2023
As we move towards the 2023 planting season, we are still overshadowed with supply and availability concerns for a few of our key crop input products.  I will say that the concern is not as high as it was one year ago, but we must be alert to any outside factors that can affect production and transportation. That means that not only active ingredients, but inert ingredients, labels, plastics, and other components might have an impact on whether the products are able to make it to your farm. 

Jan 04,2023
Digital Dermatitis, commonly referred to as hairy heel warts, poses many threats to a dairy herd in terms of health, productivity, and longevity. Hairy heel wart typically presents on the back of the heel and can look red and raw initially. The area may have raised, hair – like projections and can extend to the front of the foot. Factors such as stress leading to decreased immunity, poor micronutrient intake, wet and muddy environment, exposure to infected animals, inadequate foot bath and hoof trimming can all lead to DD (digital dermatitis) infections. Unfortunately, this is an industry – wide battle. According to a recent study by the USDA, over 70 percent of dairies in the United States had reported cases of DD. In this article we will go through key factors to prevent and treat digital dermatitis. 
Jan 04,2023

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed the holiday season and the nice weather the week between Christmas and New Year’s. It helped make up for the blizzard and cold before Christmas. Usually it seems like the markets lag around the holidays, but we’ve seen some recent highs and volatility over the past few weeks that has resulted in another round of selling before the new year. 

The December 9th WASDE estimated United States corn ending stocks at 1.25 billion bushels with a stocks
/use ratio of 8.9% vs 9.2% this time last year. With exports lagging so far, traders generally expect the ending stocks figure to grow over time. Soybean ending stocks are projected at 220 million bushels, with a 5% stocks/use, compared to 6% at this time last year. Price will be dictated in the coming months by how South America’s crop finishes out, as their new crop will hit the market in Feb/March 2023. 

If you haven’t already, get those bins cored, and start looking at targets for your stored grain and the upcoming 2023 crop. If you have any marketing questions please feel free to give me a call at 608.634.3184.