From the Manager's Desk

Mar 03, 2023 | Premier Co-op
With spring just around the corner, your cooperative is gearing up for another one of our seasonal rushes…spring planting season. Not only will we see our total employee count peak for the year, but nearly every asset in the company will be in use. While many businesses ha...

Evaluating your Herd's Mineral Program

Mar 03, 2023 | Premier Co-op
Cattle nutrient requirements can vary by season and stage of production. Now is a great time to evaluate your cattle mineral programs and map out a plan to maximize impact. While minerals are a relatively small portion of the diet, they control many vital functions in cattle a...

Take Care of Early Season Weeds before Planting

Mar 03, 2023 | Premier Co-op
I know many of you have plans in place for a spring burndown herbicide application. If not, here are a few reasons for you to get in contact with your Premier agronomist to do so. Spring burndown applications typically target winter annuals and perennial grasses that overwinter a...

March Energy News

Mar 03, 2023 | Premier Co-op
So much for March coming in like a lion. I’m writing this late February and although we received a late February storm, the 10 day forecast looks like March is going to be coming in like a lamb instead. But that depends on your perspective. My lamb is another person’s...

Grain Update - March 2023

Mar 03, 2023 | Premier Co-op
Another February down, and I don’t have many complaints about the weather. I had a lot of days outside working in a sweatshirt, and not too much snow overall.  As we are coming to the end of the spring crop insurance pricing period, it looks like corn will be at 5.9...

From the Manager's Desk

Feb 13, 2023 | Premier Co-op
On January 18th Premier held its 130th annual meeting at WI Riverside Resort in Spring Green, WI. As part of the financial report, Premier CFO Andy Jones reported your cooperative had a very strong year with gross sales of $300 million, and after-tax earnings of $14.5 million for...

Biological Inputs - A Look at the Opportunity

Feb 02, 2023 | Premier Co-op
It seems like each winter season has a theme. When those of us in agriculture take a break from the busy tasks that occupy our growing season, our thoughts go to planning, evaluating, and trying to determine what is next. When we do this collectively as a group, there is always a...

February Energy News

Feb 01, 2023 | Premier Co-op
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Don’t neglect to tell that special someone how much you appreciate them. Or don’t and be prepared to face the consequences. You have been warned, so put it in your calendar. This has been a public service announcement. 

2023 Scholarship Winners

Jan 20, 2023 | Premier Co-op
For many years premier has offered scholarships to graduating high school seniors that are planning to attend an Ag Short Course or any other 2+ year accredited degree program after high school. In order to qualify, students must: Be a graduating high school senior in the ...

Ag Chem Constraints and Concerns

Jan 04, 2023 | Premier Co-op
As we move towards the 2023 planting season, we are still overshadowed with supply and availability concerns for a few of our key crop input products.  I will say that the concern is not as high as it was one year ago, but we must be alert to any outside factors that can aff...