April Energy Update

Apr 04, 2019

Spring is finally here. Although I’m one of those oddballs who enjoys winter, I can’t say I’m completely sad to see this one end. It was a rough one on our employees, especially the delivery personnel at our Dodge and Waupaca plants who had to endure waist deep snow in some places to get to the tanks. To those customers who cleared a path to their tanks for our employees, you have their heartfelt thanks. It really made a difference for them. 
Speaking of Dodge, this is what our propane plant looked like after it became a part of the Trempealeau River. The office is the building on the lower right of the photo. You can see our tanks floating in the water above it. Through the use of a boat and copious amounts of rope, they were able to keep the propane tanks from floating down the river. We plan on building up an area for tank storage so that we don’t have to chase floating tanks again. If anyone in the Dodge area has some inexpensive fill available, please contact Rick at our Dodge office. 
We have two tank painting positions available at our Mt. Horeb, Cobb, Richland Center, Westby, Dodge and Waupaca energy offices respectively. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license. It’s a great job for college students who want to work in the great outdoors. In 20 years they can drive by one of our propane tanks with their kids and brag, “I painted that propane tank before tank painting robots were invented.”
Our farmers will be in the fields soon. If you call in to order your fuel please do it now to beat the rush that we see every year when the first tractor hits the field. It will ensure a timely delivery.
That’s all I’ve got for this month. Thank you for your business. 

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Jun 01, 2024

We began distributing this year’s patronage and equity redemption checks with our May open house events in Mt Horeb, LaFarge, and Westby. With a little help from Mother Nature, we were lucky to have beautiful weather and an even better turnout for each open house. If you were not able to stop in to pick up your check this year, you should see it arrive in your mailbox by mid-June. Checks began getting mailed the last week of May and could take a couple of weeks to complete.

Jun 01, 2024
This month is an exciting time for the energy division. We’ll be mailing the propane contracts and/or safety information to over 15,000 propane customers. Be sure to share the safety information with your entire family.
Jun 01, 2024
Crop management never ends if you want to protect the time and investments you have. As we head into mid-season of the crop calendar a fungicide application should be considered to help you protect and save yield loss if conditions are favorable.