Cenex Premium Diesel

Dec 19, 2022


Deliver Maximum Performance with Cenex Premium Diesel.

Cenex® premium diesel fuels have been enhanced to burn even cleaner for increased power and efficiency, with fewer repairs and minimal downtime. Combining protection, power, and precision, Cenex Roadmaster XL® and Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster® premium diesel fuels outperform the competition by delivering maximum performance and efficiency year-round, and in all operations.  

With an advanced formulation no competitor can match, Cenex premium diesel fuels keep equipment running smoothly and efficiently in the most challenging environments. The next generation of Cenex premium diesel fuels contains superior chemistry to deliver superior performance.

The following four new benefits build upon our existing comprehensive additive package:

  • Industry-leading, advanced, aggressive detergency provides the cleanest combustion on the market
  • A two-phase, total water management system ensures water is handled effectively and does not lead to contaminated fuel or engine operation issues
  • Maximum filterability and improved biostability keep contaminants out of systems and equipment, further limiting fuel degradation
  • Reduced exhaust cylinder temperature deviations demonstrate balanced engine operation, which leads to greater fuel economy, reduced regenerations, and even fewer emissions

Premier Cooperative offers daily contract pricing text updates for on and off-road diesel if you meet the following criteria:

  • Use at least 1,000 gallons during the contract period of April-November
  • Own your storage tank outright (not leased from another supplier). 
If you have any questions abotu Cenex Premium Diesel or would like to sign up for our contract pricing text updates, please reach out to me at 608.479.1357.

Addison Arndt

Energy Specialist

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