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Feb 06, 2019

February was a bit brutal this year. It looks like the month will be about 10% colder than normal. We went from subzero to rain to subzero in parts of our trade territory in February. We also saw blizzard conditions at the Dodge and Waupaca branches. While we’ve got 4-7 inches on the ground in Mt. Horeb our delivery personnel at our Dodge and Waupaca branches are dealing with drifts over their hips and propane tanks that have disappeared under the snow.
Snow or ice accumulation can potentially cause parts of your propane system to crack or break, resulting in a gas leak. It is your responsibility to make sure that all propane pipes, valves, regulators and tanks are clear of snow and ice. Gently brush away snow or ice that has accumulated around the tank, regulator, and any other piping. Do this using a broom or by hand. If you must use a shovel, use extreme caution around all equipment. If you notice any snow or ice buildup that cannot be removed easily, contact us immediately. DO NOT attempt to remove snow or ice by kicking or hitting equipment. If you brush it off after every snowfall, it’s a lot easier than waiting until it really piles up or gets rained on or both.
Frequently check where snow or ice collect on your roof structure or nearby trees and clear it if you believe it might fall on any part of your propane system. Never shovel snow off roofs and onto propane equipment. Heavy accumulations of snow or ice falling on tanks, regulators, meters, piping, or valves may cause damage that could result in a gas leak. 
Appliance vents and chimney flues must ALWAYS be clear of snow or ice. Some homes may have ‘direct’ vents which are close to the ground. Improper venting can cause carbon monoxide to become trapped in your home, causing serious illness or death. 
Remember that a delivery truck needs at least a 10-foot-wide path to be able to deliver fuel to your home. PLEASE keep the area around the tank and a path to the tank free of snow. When plowing, using a snow thrower, or shoveling, do not push or pile snow around your tank, meter, regulator, or piping. When our delivery personnel must trudge through a few feet of snow, they have no idea what is under the snow. I recall a few years ago pulling the hose out to fill a tank and breaking through a 3-foot-tall drift onto a piece of farm machinery buried under the snow. I lost the skin from my shin above my boot to my knee. Please don’t make a difficult job more difficult.
As we head into March, it’s even more important to keep your system clear of snow and ice. With the freeze/thaw/snow/rain roulette of March, ice can form quickly to weigh down your propane system, potentially causing fittings to crack or separate and regulator vents to freeze shut. 
We’re getting to the home stretch of winter. Let’s work together to get through it with no incidents. Thank you for your business.  

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