Lock in Your Propane Price Now for the Upcoming Harvest Season

Aug 15, 2023

Grain Bin

Be Strategic.

As fall harvest looms, several market indicators suggest that now might be the optimal time for our farm customers to lock in propane prices for grain drying. Here's a brief overview of the current market dynamics: 

  1. New Production Capacities:  
    - Enterprise's New Venture: The commencement of the PDH-2 plant in Texas by Enterprise is a game-changer. This facility is set to produce over 1.65 billion pounds of propane every year, increasing the available supply. 
    - Targa's Growth Strategy: Not far behind, Targa is also upping its gas processing capacity in the coveted Permian Basin. Their strategic growth can further bolster propane availability. 

  2. Strong National Propane Stocks: 
    - We're currently in a promising position with propane inventories, sitting comfortably above our typical 3-year average for this period. Such a healthy stock scenario is indicative of a supply cushion as we approach peak demand season. 

  3. The X-factor: Fall Home Heating Demand: 
    - While we're currently well-stocked, the propane market can be significantly influenced by the unpredictable fall home heating demand. A colder-than-expected autumn can trigger a sharp rise in residential propane consumption, potentially stressing supply lines and influencing prices. 

Considering these factors, it's evident that locking in your propane prices now could be a strategic move. With significant production capacity expansions on the horizon and a healthy current stock scenario, prices are likely stable. However, the wildcard of fall home heating demand means that this stability might not last. 

Stay ahead of the curve and ensure you're prepared for the upcoming harvest season. Please use the form below to contact us or call our Certified Energy Specialist, Shane McCully, at 608-504-6281 to contract your propane to help ensure a smooth harvest season ahead. 



David Fiene



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