Here Comes Spring!

Mar 05, 2020

Ready or not, here comes spring! I have a sneaking suspicion you’re ready for it. It’s been a long winter but we’ll be wearing shorts before we know it. It never ceases to amaze me how cold 40 degrees feels in the fall and how warm that same temperature feels in the spring.

Speaking of spring, our farmer customers will soon be getting their equipment ready for the planting season. New farm equipment is incredibly expensive, so you’ll want to get the longest life possible from your machinery. We carry a full line of Cenex lubricants to help make that possible. Cenex blends their lubricants themselves to ensure the highest quality. If you’re interested in learning more about Cenex lubricants or would like to order, please contact your nearest Premier Energy location.

I can’t talk about lubricants without mentioning diesel fuel. The premium diesel fuels that we offer are also Cenex products. Roadmaster XL for highway use and Ruby Fieldmaster for off road use. There are real bottom-line benefits when you use fuels that have been enhanced to meet the needs of both existing and new engine technologies. Compared to typical #2 diesel fuel, Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels:
• Improve fuel economy by as much as 5%
• Improve power by up to 4.5%
• Increase fuel lubricity by 10-15%
• Extend the life of injectors/injector pumps
• Reduce downtime and maintenance costs
• Have a high cetane level - typically 47-49

Our premium diesel fuels come from the pipeline terminals in McFarland and Dubuque. The premium additives are injected into the fuel as it’s being loaded. It ensures we get a properly blended product with the correct amount of additives before it’s delivered to our customers. Most companies use splash blending for their premium additive which involves measuring (hopefully) and dumping it in the delivery truck or in the customer’s tank while making the delivery. With Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels you are assured of a consistent, superior product.

With the volatility of energy markets, some customers use price locking contracts as a risk management tool. We are again offering contracts to lock in diesel fuel prices. If you are interested in contracting your diesel fuel, please contact your local Premier Energy office.

As the heating season winds down, we will soon be doing more safety checks of the equipment at customer locations. The recommended life of a regulator for homes and businesses is 25 years. It’s very important to the health of your propane system to remove them from service if they are that old. Like anything mechanical, regulators have parts in them that can fail after extended service. If we recommend the replacement of a regulator, please cooperate. You can’t put a price on your family’s safety.

Thank you for your business.

Tim Lease | Energy Division Manager


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Jun 01, 2024

We began distributing this year’s patronage and equity redemption checks with our May open house events in Mt Horeb, LaFarge, and Westby. With a little help from Mother Nature, we were lucky to have beautiful weather and an even better turnout for each open house. If you were not able to stop in to pick up your check this year, you should see it arrive in your mailbox by mid-June. Checks began getting mailed the last week of May and could take a couple of weeks to complete.

Jun 01, 2024
This month is an exciting time for the energy division. We’ll be mailing the propane contracts and/or safety information to over 15,000 propane customers. Be sure to share the safety information with your entire family.
Jun 01, 2024
Crop management never ends if you want to protect the time and investments you have. As we head into mid-season of the crop calendar a fungicide application should be considered to help you protect and save yield loss if conditions are favorable.