Agronomy Update

Jan 04, 2019

Premier Cooperative can help you prepare for the 2019 planting season.  Just about every seed company offers its own financing, and yet it can be hard to meet all the minimum requirements for every seed purchase. Premier Cooperative works with CFA and/or Winfield United to offer very attractive interest rates on your seed purchases, or full crop input loans. With commodity prices being what they are, pursuing ways to purchase crop inputs soon to take advantage of early-purchase discounts should be a top priority to help increase profits for 2019. Now is the time to capture discounts on your seed and lock in your fertilizer and ag chemical needs for spring as cost savings will decrease between now and spring.
In addition to locking in an interest rate and savings on your spring needs, working with Premier Cooperative on crop input/seed financing offers the below benefits:
  • 6 Seed brand options; Dekalb, Asgrow, NK, Mycogen, Croplan and Credenz on one low interest rate loan.
  • Eliminate the worry of meeting minimum purchase requirements.
  • Easily manage the streamlined application process, and experience short loan processing times.
  • Crop input loans can be used for any seed, fertilizer, crop protection, and fuel purchases made through Premier Cooperative.
  • Your local Premier Agronomist is available for recommendations to sort out the best management practices to help you maximize yield as well as profits.  
  • Local location to meet your service and delivery needs.
Contact Matt or David in our Mt. Horeb office or your location agronomist to explore seed/crop input financing options and take advantage of cost-savings on early purchases for spring crop input needs.

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