Managing Mycotoxins

Jan 02, 2019

With the difficult growing season that we had in most of the Premier Cooperative trade territory, I have seen challenges recently with corn silage.
Although there can be other reasons for irregular heat cycles in your breeding cattle, I am paying closer attention to this because most of my customers saw 40+ inches of rain during the corn growing season while some had 60+ inches of rain.  With such an increase in rain comes an increase in molds.  This mold can increase your chances for toxins. 
Chuck Thompson from Dairyland Laboratory brought to my attention that they are seeing quite a spike in toxins since new samples have started coming into their laboratories following the recent corn crop harvest.  (Please refer to the chart from Dairyland Laboratories above.)
As you can see, Zearalenone and Vomitoxin levels increased beginning in October, 2018.
Some indicators to watch for in cattle with higher levels of Zearalenone may include irregular heat cycle days and enlarged vulvas.  Higher levels of Vomitoxin (DON) may include cattle being off feed, ketosis, DA’s, pronounced decrease in milk and, sometimes, diarrhea.  
If any of these symptoms are occurring in your herd, please contact your Premier Cooperative feed representative for help in remedying these issues.graph.png

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