More Soybean Trait Options Mean More Herbicide Choices

Jan 02, 2020

As you decide which soybean trait platforms and varieties to plant next year, it’s important to understand how you can best protect your seed investment from troublesome weeds. With multiple options for herbicide-tolerant trait platforms on the market, knowing what crop protection options you can utilize on your platform of choice is critical for success. Many of these platforms allow the use of multiple modes of action to provide greater flexibility in weed management plans and improved resistance management.  Knowing just what platforms and products combat resistant weeds today and utilize multiple modes of action to protect against weed resistance can be quite a plate full to digest. Please give your Premier Agronomist a call and put together a weed management plan with a balanced approach of cultural and mechanical practices, creating a robust herbicide program with multiple effective modes of action, which will help keep your fields clean all season long and delay development of herbicide resistance.

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