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Aug 29, 2023


September 2023 Update

 As we close out the summer months, we will soon see the results of a full year’s worth of planning and execution of this year’s growing season. While I don’t think anyone is anticipating record yields, despite the drought conditions that nearly all our area has been under since planting, the corn and soybean crop is looking better than expected. Advancements in seed genetics, tillage practices, nutrient and pest management and more, all played a role this year in getting the most out of a weather stressed crop. Over the next couple of months our highly trained team of agronomists will be able to evaluate yield data and help determine what went well and what areas need improvement as they help plan out the 2024 crop year with our producer members. 

With the many fairs throughout the area coming to a close, I’d like to congratulate all the kids who participated this year. If you haven’t done so already, there’s still time to check out our website for details on how our members’ kids can earn cash for showing livestock at the fair. In addition to giving away thousands of dollars to participants each year, Premier is also proud to sponsor many of the trophies given out at some of the local fairs. In some cases, we also provide products and financial support to local 4H groups traveling to the state fair. Good luck to all of you as you wrap up another show season.

September 30th will mark the end of another fiscal year at your cooperative. While there are many internal functions we need to complete to close out the books, one of the most important things each of you can help with is having your charge account current at the end of September. Each year our staff spends countless hours calling and meeting with customers to make sure their accounts are current prior to our year-end. This can create uncomfortable situations with members/friends and takes valuable time and resources away from providing quality products and services to our members, a task the staff would much rather be doing. For those of you that continue to pay your accounts in a timely manner each month, thank you very much. We know it can be difficult and greatly appreciate your efforts. For those that may have a balance past the credit terms, please clear it up by September 15.

With some harvest already underway in our area, please watch out for farm equipment and grain trucks as you navigate our country roads. While the rolling hills and narrow roadways of Wisconsin provide some of the best scenery in the country, it is also home to some of the best crop land and dairy farms. This time of year, with school buses, new teenage drivers, farm equipment, and grain trucks all taking to the roads at the same time, please remember to slow down and plan ahead for what may be over the next hill. Remind your new drivers that farm equipment is much slower than they would expect, and in most cases much larger. Just as we instruct our drivers and applicators, slow down, move over, and be patient. 

I hope everyone had the chance to enjoy Labor Day weekend with family and friends. Stay safe and have a great month.

Matt Severson


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