May Energy Update

May 04, 2019

After the final (maybe) snowfall of the winter I believe it’s officially time to park the snow thrower and break out the lawnmower. If my grass gets any taller I may have to bale it. 
With the arrival of the spring weather, while our propane deliveries have slowed down, our workload has not. There are propane lines that need to be trenched in, tanks that need to be set and leak checks that need to be completed. If you are contacted to have a leak check completed, the test itself doesn’t take much time. Our propane professionals have found several leaks, especially in propane systems where the customer has switched from another company. Apparently not all companies are as committed to safety as we are.
We have seen some flooding in parts of our trade territory already as you read in last month’s article. If you experience flooding in your house and the gas valves on any of your appliances have been immersed, they must be replaced. Don’t ignore this warning as your family’s safety could be compromised. Also, if a regulator has been immersed, please contact us so that we can replace it. 
Speaking of regulators, did you know that the recommended life of a regulator is 25 years? If you are contacted by us and we let you know that your regulators need to be replaced, for the safety of you and your family please cooperate with us in replacing them. Like all things with working parts, regulators wear out. When it fails it could be in the middle of a winter night resulting in a hefty service charge. Save yourself some money and hassle and replace them in a timely manner while the weather is nice. It’s the safe thing to do.
Propane contracting is coming up in June. Last winter, people who contracted saved as much as 10 cents per gallon. Don’t get lulled into a sense of security that this winter will be a repeat of last year. Local supply can be difficult to get at times which results in price spikes. 
And since we’re talking about propane supply, one way you can help to secure a good supply of propane when things get tight is to assist us if we contact you with a request to adjust the size of our propane tank on your property. Three deliveries per year is what we attempt to get per customer to maximize our driver’s efficiency.
I’d like to leave you with a few words about Memorial Day. As a combat veteran of the Iraq War, Memorial Day has a new significance for me. I remember how much it hurt to hold memorial services overseas for our comrades who had been killed in action. I can’t even begin to imagine what it was like for their families back here in the states. It can be a pretty emotional day for a lot of veterans and the families who lost loved ones. As Americans, we enjoy the right to celebrate Memorial Day however we see fit. Please take a moment to think about the brave men and women who gave everything for their nation. And enjoy the day. 
Thank you for your business.

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