Energy Update

Nov 06, 2019

Hooray! It’s No Shave November so I have an excuse to let my beard grow, at least for a month. It’s like having a stocking cap on my face in cold weather.
Speaking of cold weather, if you are a route customer we’ll take care of you but it doesn’t hurt to check your tank once in a while and let us know if it gets down to 10%. We’re pretty good at what we do but we’re not perfect. If you know you will be leaving for a few days, please make sure you have a friend watching your house. Have them check the tank as well as go inside to make sure it’s nice and warm. If you have a furnace issue it could cause a lot of damage if your pipes freeze.
If you call in your orders, please order your propane when it’s at 30% so that we have plenty of time to get to you, especially during cold snaps. And please be accurate when you call in your order. We have about 16 million gallons to deliver annually and we can do it most efficiently if we have accurate data. 
Now is a great time to mark any underground tanks with a stick so that you can find it to keep it clear of ice and snow. Remember, clearing a path to the tank and keeping the tank clear of ice and snow is your responsibility. Imagine yourself or a family member delivering propane in the winter to a tank where they need to wade through hip deep snow. And repeat it twenty times a day. That’s what our delivery personnel sometimes do to deliver propane. If you snow throw a path to the tank every time it snows, it is a much easier chore. Also, please don’t plow the snow between where our truck parks to fill and the tank. Do these things for your delivery specialist and you will gain a friend for life.  
A quick word about carbon monoxide detectors. State law requires that you have carbon monoxide detectors on each floor of your home. If a detector goes off, get it checked out by your heating professional. Carbon monoxide poisoning is very preventable. 
Last month I talked about a water heater rebate program. Funds are still available. It’s a $200 rebate if you have a new propane water heater installed. For program details, go to and click on ‘download packet’. Or you can call your local Premier energy office and they can mail or email a copy to you. We need to do a leak test any time a propane appliance is installed and it is required for this program. 
If you’re a fellow veteran, I hope you have a happy Veteran’s Day. No matter what you did in the military, you were a part of something bigger than yourself. It has to be important if they created a national holiday for you, doesn’t it? Be proud of your service. 
And to all of our customers, thank you for your busine

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