Energy Update

Oct 03, 2019

On my way to work today I was treated to a beautiful sunrise. The sun was huge as it was clearing the horizon. Then I realized how quickly the days are shortening if I’m on my way to work and the sun is just rising. It won’t be long before we see our first snowflakes. 
September saw an attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure. It reminds us that it doesn’t take much of a geopolitical incident, especially in that part of the world, to drive energy prices up. The reason I mention the Saudi incident is to continue to recommend that you contract your propane. If you haven’t contracted yet, that event should have convinced you to give us a call. We still have contracts available. Call your local Premier Energy office for pricing.
The harvest season is nearly upon us. Our delivery personnel work long hours during this time. Please give our folks as much advance notice as you can when you need your crop drying or diesel tanks filled. It makes their work much better organized, efficient and enjoyable.  
Did you know that propane water heaters cost less than electric models to operate? Although the cost of electric units is less, over time the operating cost savings more than make up for the difference. I’m on the Wisconsin PERC board (Propane Education and Research Council). At our meeting last month, we introduced a propane water heater rebate program, called the 2019 Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program. The purpose of the program is to ensure the safe installation of propane water heaters. 

Here are some of the requirements of the program. 
  • The program authorizes a $200 rebate for a propane water heater in new or existing construction. 
  • The installation must take place on property located within Wisconsin and be clearly identified by physical address on the rebate application. 
  • Eligible water heaters must be propane-fueled, either a storage-type rated at not less than 30 gallons water capacity or a continuous (tankless) type rated at not less than 50,000 Btu/hour input.
  • You have to go through your propane marketer to get the rebate. We must do leak testing as we are required to do after each interruption of service, i.e. propane appliance replacements. It covers water heater replacements as well as new installations. 
  • Rebate applications must be sent to WI PERC within 60 days of the installation. 
If an electric water heater costs on average $200 less than a propane water heater, the Wisconsin PERC pays you $200 and you’ll save money heating your water with propane. It’s kind of a no brainer, isn’t it? Call your plumber and get rid of that old clunker. For all the rules of the program, please call your local Premier Energy office or visit our website. 
Enjoy the month of October. Thank you for your business.

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