Apr 01, 2022


Improve early root growth and plant vigor.

Rocket Seeds PMZ Dry is a dry seed nutritional with a patent-pending formulation (1-10-0, 8% Zn, 2% Mn) designed to improve early root growth and plant vigor. An excellent talc and graphite replacement, its unique nutritional package creates a longer, more developed root system. The product’s distinct formulation adds agronomic value, while simultaneously improving seed flow through the planter.

PMZ Dry addresses common challenges in the early stages of crop growth by improving resistance to early season cold and water stress. Not using starter when planting and worried about seedling vigor and emergence.  If you answered yes, consider using PMZ Dry from Rocket Seeds. 

Key benefits of PMZ Dry are:

  • Nutrition for early root growth and plant vigor.  1% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphorous, 2% Water Soluble Manganese, 8% Zinc
  • Creates longer, more developed root system
  • Improved micro-nutrient uptake and resistance to early-season cold and water stress
  • Average yield increases of 3.9 BU/AC over GSP alone
  • Recommended for soils with locked up, unavailable phosphorus
  • Easy-to-use planter box product for corn, wheat, and all other major row crops
  • Talc and Graphite replacement- improves flowability
  • An excellent seed-drying source; improves lubrication and flowability
  • Improves planter performance, reduces skips and seed bridging 

Contact your local Premier agronomist for more information on PMZ Dry and how it can benefit your operation.

Nick Crary



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