Propane Autogas Now Accessible by the Public

Mar 22, 2024

Propane Autogas Bill

Courtesty of WPGA.

Recently, a WPGA Alert asked the propane industry to contact Governor Evers to encourage him to sign the propane Autogbill to remove current restrictions requiring that propane Autogas can only be dispensed by trained and authorized employees of a bulk storage plant, container charging plant, service station or an entity operating a commercial fleet of motor vehicles. [SPS 340.43 (2)].

You've been heard! Yesterday, Governor Tony Evers signed legislation into law making propane Autogas available for self-service dispensing by the general public in Wisconsin!

Leading the way, on behalf of WPGA, Rep. Todd Novak (R-Dodgeville) and Senator Dan Knodl (R-Germantown) introduced Senate Bill 768 earlier this year removing the restrictions and requiring that devices used for self-service dispensing of liquefied petroleum gases shall display signage that provides step-by-step directions for fueling a vehicle and advises users of safety requirements for fueling under state and federal law. WPGA members Tim Lease, Premier Cooperative; and Kirby Wagner, Growmark attended the bill signing ceremony along with WPGA representatives Cheryl Lytle, Pamela Vaile and Michelle Kussow. 

This new bill allows for refueling propane vehicles without a training requirement. There will be directions for filling located on the dispenser, just like gasoline. Thank you to Energy Division Manager Tim Lease for testifying earlier this year and helping pass this bill.

Allison Young

QA & Communications Manager

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