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Jun 22, 2021

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Refocus Your Scouting Efforts With In-season Imagery

See your farm from a new angle. 

Nobody knows your farm as well as you do, but the R7® Tool can give you a whole new perspective to identify new challenges and opportunities.  

Personalized to fit your fields, the R7 suite of tools combines powerful data with localized information to help you make the best decisions for your crop. 

In-season imagery allows you identify fields with high variability. 

Crop health can vary widely across a field due to soil conditions and other variables. In-season imagery is an excellent way to visualize how your fields are trending in terms of crop health and can help you easily spot areas of variability.  

Often you can’t know everything that’s happening deep in your fields, and that’s why in-season imagery is such a valuable tool.  

Biomass measurements can alert you to problems. 

The R7 Field Monitoring Tool alerts you when a field’s vigor begins trending downward. It could be that poor plant stands or inadequate fertility are limiting biomass accumulation.  

Low-vigor trends could also be the result of insect and disease pressure in the field. Either way, when you notice a field that’s changing, it’s time to get out there for a closer look. The R7 Field Monitoring Tool helps focus your scouting efforts and is especially useful when your time is limited. 

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David Fiene

Chief Operating Officer

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