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Apr 19, 2023

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Weekly Autopay Program

I'd like to introduce you to our new Weekly Autopay Discount Program.

In order to incentivize automatic payments from our members, we have established the following discount program for customers who enroll their accounts in our weekly ACH autopay.

Members may enroll their accounts in our weekly ACH autopay at any time. Accounts enrolled in ACH autopay will have their future purchases automatically debited to their bank accounts via ACH (often called e-check) on the Friday following the week of purchase (example below).

If these purchases are not already receiving a cash discount, they will receive a 1% discount. This discount may change at Premier’s discretion.

Weekly Autopay Example

  • A member who enrolls in our weekly ACH autopay on a Monday will have no ACH drawn that Friday.

  • The purchases made on days that are RED will be debited to their bank account on the following Friday (labeled ‘ACH Red’).

  • The purchases made on days that are BLUE will be debited to their bank account on the Friday labeled ‘ACH Blue’.

Calendar Example

To summarize the program, members that sign up to have their 7 to 13 day-old charge invoices drawn every Friday will be given a 1% discount on these invoices (propane/fuel deliveries will only receive their current 15/10 cent/gal discounts, payment would just be automated).

Here is a link to the program terms, conditions, and frequently asked questions:

If you want to start saving 1% on your purchases, please use the sign up form below to enroll your account(s)!


David Fiene

Vice President, Business Development

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